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  • Porto do Sul

    Brazilian Steakhouse

  • Harvest Table

    with an array of hot and cold items

  • Traditional Brazilian Steakhouse fare

    full Churrascaria experience

  • Offers a menu in the bar area

    for those in the mood for a lighter meal

  • Newly renovated second private dining room

    for your groups of up to 140 guests

Salmon with fennel in crust and sauce with anise


2 puff pastry rolls
1.5 pd fresh salmon
4 slices of raw ham or prosciutto
2 fennel
1 shallot
1 lemon
15 cl of white wine
1 egg 100 g butter
10 cl cream
4 pinches of anise
salt, pepper

Melt the chopped fennel in a little butter with 2 pinches of anise and lemon juice. Salt and pepper, and cook 20 minutes. Add the cream and let reduce.

Preheat the oven to 420. Fill the pan with puff pastry, place the slice ham in rosace, half of the salmon, the fennel and the left of the salmon. Cover another with the second puff pastry, cut to the size of the pie. Brush with beaten egg and bake for 10 minutes. Reduce heat to 360 and cook for 35 more minutes.

Reduce the white wine with chopped shallot. Filter and bring to boil. Remove from the heat and add the butter and pepper.


Spotlight on: Chef Bobby Stearns of Ophelia’s

You probably don’t think of Independence Square as the dining mecca of the Kansas City metro area.  But one talented guy is doing his best to make you think of taking the short trek to Independence if you’ve not been there before. 

Chef Bobby Stearns has been serving up fine cuisine in very contemporary surroundings at Ophelia’s for the last two plus years.  He started really young (junior high!) and worked in several restaurants in every possible capacity, from washing dishes to serving to frying.  The works, in other words.  That includes corporate owned restaurants, a country club, local places from KT’s Fried Chicken to head chef of Taste in Overland Park.  He says a good chef needs all that experience in all those different places – they are where he learned attention to detail, cooking clean as he goes, and meticulous organization.  

He also went to Broadmoor Technical Center in high school where he studied in their culinary program.  From there, he attended the Johnson County Hospitality and Culinary Academy.   Basically, he’s been cooking since he’s 14 – and another 14 years later, he says he has no regrets.  “I like the variety and the creativity” in “cheffing” at Ophelia’s he says.   “There’s always something going on, with seasonal menus, brunches, and special occasions. I am constantly creating new dishes for our extensive catering requests and now I’m working on all the menus for all our restaurants out here.” 

Christmas season is frenetic for this chef, so there’s not much time to indulge in his favorite sports.  When he does manage to kick back, he might be in his own kitchen, making a pasta dish as he watches football or basketball.  But he also says he’s REALLY happy if he’s being served and NOT cooking.  A self-proclaimed sports nut, he also admits to being fond of partying a bit in Westport or Power and Light.  But mostly, he works.

Growing up on the Kansas side, Chef Stearns had never been to Independence before taking a job there.  “We do get people from Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit all the time,” he says.  “Places like the Plaza and downtown are pretty corporate.  That’s fine.  But if people want something local, something different, they should come here and be surprised.”   

And if the 20 or 30 minute drive is somehow too long for you, you could reserve one of seven rooms and one suite at The Inn of Ophelia’s – it’s just up the stairs above the restaurant in this historic building.  But as Chef Bobby points out, the drive is only five or six songs away . . . or you could always call your mother on the way.

Ophelia's Restaurant & Inn
201 North Main
Independence, MO 64050
Ph. 816- 461-4525 

Twelve Days of Fondue!

Twelve Days of Fondue Deals

The Melting Pot

Monday, December 1
Ugly Holiday Sweater Night- Show us your most awful Holiday sweater!  Everyone wearing a Holiday sweater tonight will receive a card good for a free chocolate fondue on your next visit!

Tuesday, December 2
Free split of champagne with the purchase of 2 four-course combinations.

Wednesday, December 3
Sing your favorite holiday song and receive a prize!

Thursday, December 4
St. Jude double bonus… Donate $10 and receive two St. Jude $20 Donate and Dine Cards

Friday, December 5
Double bonus day!  Receive 2 $30 bonus certificates with the purchase of $100 in gift cards.

Saturday, December 6
50% off any bottle of wine with the purchase of any 2 four-course dinners

Sunday, December 7
We will be offering our Family Feast special all day – cheese fondue, entrée and chocolate fondue for $25 per person.

Monday, December 8
Girl’s night out ornament exchange

Tuesday, December 9
Groups of 6 or more will receive free chocolate with a four course dinner.

Wednesday, December 10
Purchase 2 retail items; get the 3rd free – special $5 holiday drink special

Thursday, December 11
St. Jude double bonus… Donate $10 and receive two St. Jude $20 Donate and Dine Cards

Friday, December 12
Ugly Holiday Sweater Night- Show us your most awful Holiday sweater!  Everyone wearing a Holiday sweater tonight will receive a card good for a free chocolate fondue on your next visit!

450 Ward Pkwy 
Kansas City, MO 64112 
Ph. 816-931-6358 


What’s in a Name? Or Word? Or Pronunciation? by Chris Becicka

In grade school, I was a voracious reader and I loved books where fancy people ate “hors de vors” before dinner.  It was years before my mom told me, laughing, that I meant hors d'œuvre and this was simply  “orderve.”  Thankfully, I’ve become a bit smarter the older I’ve gotten and the more I’ve eaten.  Still not sure I like someone laughing over my pronunciation, however.

Realistically in Kansas City, it’s probably not terribly necessary to know what poutine is (fat hand-cut fries, cheese curds, with hot gravy poured on top) or how to pronounce it (peu-tin, kinda like the Russian president) since we don’t live in Quebec.  (However, I just must add I can think of three or four restaurants and a food truck that do serve a mean poutine.  But then, I’ve never been to Quebec.)

Back to my point, have you ever felt intimidated, shy, or just plain reluctant to ask what something is in a restaurant?  Or worse, have you pretended you know, only to have your pronunciation tell the world, or at least your companions and your waiter, that you really don’t know what you’re talking about?  Or even still worse, just not order something for those reasons?  Sad to say, I’ve been on this trip with you.
Cioppino (cha peen oh) Italian fish stew with shellfish and tomatoes801 FISH

We at The Guide are determined to help you down that path more quickly than I have traveled it.  Some words in this article and boxes may make you shake your head, but believe me, we’ve talked to waiters about what they’ve heard and tried not to eye-roll about.    

Robert Gutierrez, senior professional staff member at The American Restaurant for the last 16 years, doesn’t ever roll his eyes because he knows how much there is to learn.  He says not only is food more sophisticated today and techniques more advanced and often even scientific, his patrons know more – thank you, Food Network.  He welcomes questions but when he sees the possibility of someone being uncomfortable with a food or technique, he readily explains.  “The server,” he says, “is the one relating to the diner’s needs and desires.  I learned long ago, at Jasper’s, to make the customer a guest in my home.  I’m their host and it’s my job to make them feel terrific.”  Most good waiters should have the same attitude – so ask away, diners.
Ceviche (sah veet shay) Raw fish marinated in lime or lemon appetizer

But if you still don’t want to ask, you could read.  One suggestion is The Food Lover’s Companion by Sharon and Ron Herbst which is available at Pryde’s in Westport – both the book and the store provide a great compilation of food related items.  This book has 6,700 words all defined and pronounced for you.  Every cook, too, should own it for all its useful information. 

Many foreign words have made their way into our eating compendium and I’ll not deny foreign language fluency could help many of us.  The French have contributed more than a soupçon (soup-saaw, means a little bit) of terminology.  Some of these words everyone knows now, like café which we’ve moved from just coffee to a small place which serves coffee along with other food.  Café au lait (kuh-fay oh-lay, coffee with steamed milk) is known to almost everyone originally due to New Orleans’ Café du Monde and later to Starbucks and other coffee shops.  Most know a baguette (bag-et) is a long crusty loaf of bread, à la carte (ah lah kahrt) means priced individually and à la mode of course is ice cream but really means “in the manner of.”  But quenelle (kuh-NELL, a 3 sided scoop of something soft enough to mold) hasn’t exactly made it in yet.  And, let’s be honest, fleur de sel (fler duh sel, flower of salt) sounds so much better than just large crystals of salt, even if they are hand harvested near a sea.

The Italians have sent us many, many terms other than pizza (peet-za) and pasta (pahz-tuh) and spaghetti (spa-getty). (Sorry, I’m really getting into this non-phonetic spelling.)  We now know lots of different kinds of pasta besides macaroni.  Rissoto (ruh soat oh) is a creamy rice dish that can be adapted a bunch of ways, but if they say they can have it out to you in five minutes, don’t order it.  It should be made from scratch each time.  Focaccia (foh cau she a) is a white pizza or flatbread.  Most of us learned minestrone (minnah-strone-ee) from Campbell’s vegetable soup cuz that’s what it is.  Semifreddo (semi-fraydoh), a group of half-frozen desserts, often similar to ice cream (or gelato (ja lot toe) I suppose). Oh, there’s so much more! 

I haven’t even gotten to Mexican additions we mostly know like empanada, flauta (flout ah), queso (kay so, white cheese), pozole (pah so lee), tortilla (tor tee ah) and ohsomany more.  Then there are words like ghee (khee, clarified butter) from India or borscht (boreshst, a beetroot soup) from Russia.  When you start looking, it’s amazing how many foreign words and dishes have become part of our culture. 

Techniques, methods, styles are also adding to our vocabulary constantly. Culinary jargon is not just for chefs anymore.  It’s our job just to learn some of them, pronounce them correctly, and ask others (or read) if we don’t know.  A chiffonade (sheff fa nad) is just thinly sliced shreds of herb leaves.   En papillote means your fish usually will come packaged in parchment paper, which keeps it moist. If that poultry or pork has been brined, it just means it has been soaked in water, salt, and possibly a sweetener and herbs.  We may not even be talking molecular gastronomy but sometimes the techniques are almost as important as the freshness of your food. 

Believe me, this salmagundi (sal muh guhn dee, a mixed salad dish including chopped meat, anchovies, eggs, onions, lemon juice, and oil and whatever else you want) of foods, techniques, and cultures can be such a complete language that even dedicated foodies make errors.  So, don’t worry, I guarantee that you are not the only one who doesn’t know, or can’t say, all the terminology. 

But remember, we all can: Learn. Read. Eat. Ask. Grow.

We’ve put some words in boxes, normally just giving the most common or most country-correct pronunciations.  Would you spell the sounds the same way?

Something’s Fishy

Anchovy (an choh vee) Small silvery fish
Bouillabaisse (boo ya bess) Stew with Mediterranean fish, tomatoes, etc.
Branzino (bran z no) Mediterranean seabass
Calamari (kal lah mar ee) Squid
Ceviche (sah veet shay) Raw fish marinated in lime or lemon appetizer
Escargot (ess car go) Snail

Cioppino (cha peen oh) Italian fish stew with shellfish and tomatoes

Where’s the Beef?

Andouille (an doo ee) Not beef, it’s a spicy, smoked sausage used in Cajun cooking
Beef bourguignon (boor geen yon) French beef stew made with red wine
Carpaccio (car pauch chee oh) Very thinly sliced raw beef served with a sauce or now, anything thinly sliced
Charcuterie (shar coot ter ree) French store or tray of meats, pates, etc.
Chorizo (chor ree zo) Spanish sausage
Foie gras (fwaw graw) Liver of force-fed fattened geese or ducks
Mole (mo lay) A thick, rich sauce
Osso buco (oss-oh boo-co) Braised veal shanks in wine, vegetables, etc.
Pancetta (pan chet tah) Italian pork belly
Pâté (pa tay) Paste or spread made of puréed or finely chopped liver, meat, fish, game, etc., served as an hors d'oeuvre
Tartare (tar tar) Finely chopped and served raw (often beef)
Torchon (tor chon) Towel.  Usually refers to how foie gras is wrapped for a bit of herbed aging

Vegan Delight

Arugula (aah ru goo la) Leafy vegetable with pungent flavor
Cipollini (chip po leeny) Small wild onion
Crêpe (krep) Thin, light pancake
Escarole (es ka roll) Broad leaf endive
Frisée (free zee or frees say) A curly edged form of endive
Gnocchi (noke ee) Small potato or flour dumplings
Hummus (hoo mus) Chick pea paste or dip
Jicama (hick kuh ma) Large tropical root eaten raw or boiled
Kohlrabi (coal rab bee) Cultivated cabbage with bulb on top of soil
Mesclun (mess klen) Salad with young, tender mixed greens
Peppadew (pep pah doo) Sweet but slightly spicy pepper grown in South Africa
Quinoa (keen wah) A seed served like rice
Ratatouille (rat tah tu ee) Not the movie, this is vegetable stew
Thyme (time) A herb
Tomatillo (toma tee oh) Mexican green tomato


The real Italian recipe pasta carbonara

My friend is calling me all the time, when he is in town, for this recipe. Now the French people changed the recipe. We started to add "lardon" (bacon) and cream.
But where in Italy did you eat it like that? Tell me that I complain and that is jail time guaranteed!  We insult generations of Roman mammas doing that . We have to stop immediately . And you're going to read what follows , because I 'll give you the one and only recipe for Pasta alla Carbonara . You love Carbonara ? Me too.

1) 1 egg per person - so 2 people = 2 eggs
2) You throw away the bacon and you take only the pancetta ( or Arrotolata affumicata )
3) Parmigiano Reggiano , as much as it makes you happy
4) Salt, pepper and olive oil

And be careful, listen - THAT IS ALL!

You put the pasta in large volume of water because they need to swirl in the water, they want to dance.  You love to go on a packed dance floor where you can not even move? No ? Well, pasta are the same. It has the color of gold , it is not for nothing. It is precious , you cover and wait for boiling water. NO Salt.

Meanwhile, in a bowl you break and you separate the egg white from the yolks. In Carbonara, you use only the yolks. In yolks you put a little salt, a little pepper . Then you put your grated parmesan, mixed gently until creamy. Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a deep skillet over medium flame, cook the pancetta that you have previously cut roughly. When the pancetta is golden, reserve it for later.

Then, when your water is boiling, you add salt.  The water needs to boil all the time. The quantity of pasta needed it is: 100 - 120 grams per person. Your pasta should be al dente.

Now you add the mixture of eggs and Parmesan, and the pancetta, mixed gently. Gently I said!

Very simple but delicious!

Viva Italia!


The Cheeriest of Times – A Continuing Compendium of Happy Hours

Part I

The joy of happy hour is comprised of several elements: excellent food, great atmosphere, prompt and friendly service especially as time runs out, and cheap(er) food and drink.  Pierpont’s shines in all categories.

Pierpont’s has probably one of the best atmospheres in town, for starters.  Beautiful bar – where, in the past, I’ve been guilty of ordering a whiskey up high, just to watch the (male) climber.  Very complete lounge menu, from a filet, crab cake and fries for $13 to mussels for $6 and homemade chips for $5.  Several kinds of sliders for $6.  More of course. There’s wine and 8 cocktails to be imbibed at $5.50, Boulevard drafts at $4, and others as well.

This is not a huge bar, but there’s usually room. And it’s such a beautiful and cozy bar.  Go this week and tell them Chris sent you.

Pierpont's Poutine

Just part of the poutine – my portly companion started without me! 

Two perfectly delicious fish tacos.

Pierpont’s Happy Hour:  Most of week from 11a.m. to close, Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 4-6pm, and even on Sundays, 4-9pm.
30 West Pershing
Kansas City, MO 64108
Ph. (816) 221-5111  
Check out their menus - click here          

Genovese does pizza perfectly — and everything else, too

After a trip to Topeka for soccer, we decided to stop at Genovese Italian in Lawrence. Owned by Subarna Bhattachan and Alejandro Lule — proprietors of Lawrence's popular La Parilla and Zen Zero dining spots — and Mexican-born chef Armando Paniagua. It's located in the three-story building, Genovese features seasonal rustic Italian cuisine from the Liguria region of North West Italy by the Italian Rivieras. The restaurant imported Italian made wood-fired rotisserie and charcoal grill. Additionally, another cooking feature is the gas/wood fired pizza oven. The menu features hot and cold antipastis, soup & salads, crisp thin pizzas, homemade fresh pastas --ravioli, fettuccine, pappardelle and gnoochi, and wood-fired rotisserie meats.

We were seated on the second floor and the dining room was noisy and upbeat, with high ceilings. The people can afford to become regulars here; the prices are modest. Diners can also choose from a wide range of wines from the wine list whether the $20 list, premium or reserve list. It is rare these days to find a bottle of wine for $20.

We started with an appetizer: Grass Fed Local Beef Carpaccio with Arugula, Capers, Parmesan & Extra Virgin Olive Oil - $7.5
The night's special was Sea Scallop with Truffles and Risotto. At $28, it's one of the least costly dishes on the dinner menu, and it's memorably satisfying.

The service at Genovese is low-key but gracious and observant. Over all, not surprising that the restaurant was packed.

941 Massachusetts Street.           
Lawrence, KS 66044
Ph. 785-842-0300
web site        
Genovese on Urbanspoon

Laduree Macaron recipe

25 individuals macaron
Preparation: 2h
Cooking: from 12 to 15 min
Finely chop the chocolate and place in a bowl. In a saucepan, bring the cream to the boil. Add the chocolate in three stages mixing in thoroughly between each. Cut the butter into small pieces and add to the ganache until it is smooth. Place in a roasting dish and lay plastic wrap on top so is it touching the mixture. Leave to cool at room temperature, and then place in the refrigerator for an hour until it has the consistency of soft margarine.
In a food mixer, blend together the ground almonds, confectioner’s sugar and cocoa powder until you have an extremely fine powder. Sift. In a bowl placed in a bain-marie, melt the chocolate and heat to 35°C (95°F).
Courtesy image: Do it in Paris facebook
Whip the eggs. When the have a mousse-like consistency, add a third of the caster sugar and whip for another minute. Add the rest of the sugar and whip for another minute before adding the melted chocolate. Then use a flexible spatula to delicately blend the almond-sugar mixture into the egg whites. Blend until white peaks form in the mixture; they should just about be able to remain standing.
Using a 12mm nozzle, pipe the mixture onto a baking tray covered with a sheet of parchment paper to form macarons 6-7 cm in diameter. Tap the tray so that the macarons settle. Preheat the oven to 150°C (300°F). Leave the macarons at room temperature for 10 minutes, and then cook for 12-13 minutes until the exteriors have a light crust. Remove from the oven and leave to cool. Then take half the macarons and place them upside down on a plate.
Finishing touches
When the ganache has consistency of soft margarine, spoon into a pastry bag with a nozzle and garnish the upside-down macarons with a nut-sized amount of ganache, then cover with other macarons to make a ganache sandwich. Put the completed macarons in the refrigerator for 12 hours before serving.
When you take the macarons out of the oven, pour a little water between the parchment paper and the baking tray by lifting the paper by the corners. The humidity and the steam produced will make removing the macarons easier when they have cooled.

FREE Vodka Tasting - Nov 1

Stop in on Saturday November 1st. from 4pm to 7pm to try a taste of Dizzy Three vodka, Clear10 vodka, and the Drunken Sailor Rum at  Ensminger Liquor Store
11052 Quivira Road
Overland Park, KS 66210
Ph: 913.469.9006
Dizzy Three
The Adventurous Spirit
The new award-winning vodka with a bold, coffee-forward flavor unlike anything you’ve tried. The specialty coffee connoisseurs at The Roasterie of Kansas City and premium distillers at CLEAR10 vodka of Olathe have combined their expertise of artisan craftsmanship to create this unique and delicious espresso-flavored vodka. The idea was born from the trending hand-crafted cocktail movement with upscale bars house-infusing spirits with the flavor of coffee. Once you have teased your palate with this naturally infused espresso vodka, you will clearly understand why it is the Adventurous Spirit. As always, we truly hope you enjoy drinking Dizzy Three as much as we enjoy crafting it.

CLEAR10 vodka follows a meticulous process to create a product free of additives. CLEAR10 Vodka has no preservatives, no added sugar, no citric acid and it is gluten free. It is distilled using a 5-column distillation process, then crafted in small batches and filtered ten times that has resulted in one of the most decorated vodkas in the world. The description of the process sounds appealing, but tasting the crisp, refreshing flavor is the only thing that does it justice. This process takes CLEAR10 to another level unlike any other vodka around, delivering vodka with an exceptionally fresh, clean taste; one that you won’t want to miss.

Drunken Sailor is a handcrafted recipe of blended and aged Caribbean rums made from local sugar cane and distilled from molasses and secret spices. 

Diet - Eat more and lose weight

Do you have enough of these studies? Do you have enough about secret diet or miracle pills? Every day, there is a new study, saying the opposite of the first one.

Everyone knows that a diet is going to help you to lose weight but if you don't change your style of life, it will come back.

Everyone knows that sugar is a poison.

Everyone should know that if you eat everything is normal quantity, you will lose weight or you won't gain any.

Here the latest link: Looks Like The Medical Establishment Was Wrong About Fat

Read more:

I believe of balance and eat everything. During the 90' in France, Montignac wrote a book "Eat more, Lose weight" - it was a big success in France. The problem is that you have to cook more and today it is very difficult with our style of life, kids sports, both parents working... My mom used to cook for us like that all the time.

The person should change their eating habits. For example you should replace the consumption of unhealthy macronutrients with the healthy versions like “good” carbohydrates and fats. Your body will “detoxify” and specific functions of metabolism like insulin secretion will work at a normal rate. This phase is relatively easy and does not include any restrictions on the amount of food. However, it is selective in relation to the removal of certain foods (“bad” carbohydrates) or consumption in a particular way at a particular time of day. These meals are balanced and include a variety of food since they are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Normally there is no feeling of deprivation at this stage, because the person eats as much as he wants to avoid hunger. It is necessary to mention that it is very important to eat three meals per day. This means that you should not miss any meal and also you should avoid snacking between meals.

Here the link of montignac -

What do you think?

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courtesy picture Union Station Farebook.

Morton's Grille

Maybe the Worst Plaza Location . . . but Food is PRIME!

Ok we stopped for lunch, but it was all good. Oysters on the half-shell* MKT Cilantro Mignonette were eminently scarfable.  You have to walk to Morton's Grille -- it's where M&S Grille was but this new place is worthier of the walk.  I was told by Brad Smith, General Manager, that soon there would be a valet (for 7  bucks) but we just parked behind the place, sorta.

We're seating outside with a beautiful weather and our service was delightful.  If I could remember her name, I'd tell you to ask for her, but all the waitress were nice.  And they actually give recommendations, highly important in my book -- not just the old, "Oh, everything is great" which turns me purple.  Good drinks, too, also necessary to a bar.  Duh.

I think this place will be a worthy entry into the happy hour market in KC -- and for regular hours as well.   Wine and beer $4-5.  Nearly 20 items $8 or less, all off the regular menu could only make you happy, too.  Everything from burgers to steaks to fish on the menu -- it's a big one so there's lots for you (and me) to sample.

Portabello STEAK Fries 12
Parmesan Breadcrumbs, Blue Cheese-Tomato Fondue, Balsamic Glaze

Right now, there's maybe three places in the Plaza I like besides this one.   I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours . . .

4646 J.C. Nichols Parkway
Kansas City, MO 64112
Ph. 816-531-7799 
Morton's Grille on Urbanspoon

Soccer is driving us..

We have a little bit of chance to work from home because yesterday, we decided to go to Lawrence. The reason? Our son was playing soccer at Lawrence at 6:30pm. Well in France, we normally don't have dinner before 8pm but in this case, I have been dying to dine at Pachamamas.
Amuse Bouche

Pachamamas Restaurant is on the cutting edge of the culinary arts with national acclaim and numerous accolades received by Chef / Proprietor Ken Baker. If you've not been to this shiny restaurant for a while, hike on back.  It’s got a very cool vibe and an expanded Bar and outdoor dining area, should we ever be able to eat outside again.  Their happy hour with specials every night is worth the trip alone. 

To conclude, we didn't choose happy hour because the menu was too appealing! 

Smoked Carrot and Goat’s Milk Feta 

Blistered Peppers, Toasted Barley, Cocoa, Pumpkin Seed and Agave Vinaigrette 9

Cider-Braised Pork Osso Bucco

Smoked Gouda Grits, Warm Collard Slaw, Pickled Peaches, House Fermented “Trinity” Sauce 25

I am glad we had dinner at 5pm! Everything was delicious and our son won his game 5-0, Royals won! 

Great evening! 
Thanks Ken

800 New Hampshire
Lawrence, KS 66044
Ph. 785-841-0990            

Genovese's Farm to Table Wine Tasting featuring Excelsior wines from Concha y Toro Winery, Chile.

Dear Valued Guests & Friends:

We just got back from our trip to Peru & Chile. We are very excited to present to you our new series of wines tastings from our wine tour to Chile. Our first wine tour in Chile was Conch y Toro Winery in Maipo Valley which is the largest winery in Chile. Concha y Toro produces wines that are affordable to high end wines. We were fortunate to taste their high end series of Terrunyo, Marques de Casa Concha, Ribera & Don Melchor. Chile's climate & geography produces unbelievable wines which we will present to you. 

We are very excited to present to you 5 wines from different valleys of Chile that are highly rated. 
1) We will be starting with the Terrunyo Riesling, a dry style 100% riesling from the Block 6, Los Baldos Vineyard in the Casablanca Valley closer to the Pacific Ocean which is rated 87 points from the Wine Spectator. These wines come from the specific block of the best vineyards. 
2) The second wine, we will be tasting from the Grand Reserva Serie Riberas Chardonnay (Grand Reserve River Series) from the Colchagua Valley in Central Chile which received the Silver Medal in International Wine & Spirits Competition. The 100% chardonnay comes from Ucquer vineyard which  is located on south bank of the Rapel river. The rivers are snow fed from the Andes that brings in rich minerals & the sea breeze from the West is allowed to reach these river side vineyards creating a cool micro-climate for slow maturation process. 
3) The third wine will be a Marques de Casa Concha Carmenere which received 90 points from Wine Spectator Smart Buy. The 100% Carmenere is the iconic red wine of Chile. The wines are single vineyard that hand picked from the Peumo Vineyard in Rapel Valley that isestate bottles with limited production. This wine is also aged 18 months in French oak. 
4) Chile also known for the the Cabernet Sauvignon of which we will also sample the Don Melchor ultra premium wine. The wine comes from Puento Alto vineyard from the Maipo Valley from 25-30 year old vines that are hand harvested in April. The wine is aged in French oak for 15 months & further 12 months in the bottle before release. 94 points from James Suckling. 
5) Finally a dessert wine that is very unique -- Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc that is unlike any other wines which has small amounts of Riesling & Gewurztraminer. 
Please check:

Our second & equally important part of this wine tasting is the Farm to Table concept showcasing our local partner & organic farmer, Maggie's Farm in North Lawrence, Kansas. The owners, Barbara & David Clark have been very gracious to host the Farm to Table dinner at their farm. All the courses will be matched with produce, herbs & fruits from the farm. Our Chef/Co-Owner, Armando Paniagua has made a wonderful 5 Courses Tasting Menu matching the award winning wines from Concha y Toro to the food grown by our own local farmer, Maggie's Farm. We have attached the menu FYI. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014
at 6 pm
at Maggie's Farm, 2050 E. 1550 Road, Lawrence, KS 66044. Phone 785-842-4102 (Outdoor event)*
$85/person (not inclusive of tax & gratuity)
Now taking reservations
Please call 785-842-0300

* Weather permitting. If the weather is bad, the tasting will be held at Genovese. 
** Out door event, please dress warm.
*** Maggie's Farm is 15 minutes from Downtown Lawrence. Directions are attached. 
**** Shuttle service - We will rent a van to shuttle guests if required. Please inform us if you require a shuttle. 

We look forward to a fun filled evening at the Farm to Table wine tasting from Concha y Toro & the also show casing our local partner, Maggie's Farm. We will have limited seating at this event so please make your reservations early. 

“To Go” May Be Here to Stay in France"

What are your thoughts about doggy bagging leftovers at restaurants? The French Ministry of Agriculture set out to find the answer to this question among its citizens as part of its National Pact against Food Waste that was launched in June 2013. The results of a recent poll suggest that there is a real demand for the doggy bag in France and that its people are willing to adopt this amenity for the good of the environment.
This particular survey, conducted by the Regional Directorate for Agriculture of the Rhône-Alpes, polled over 2700 people in four diverse regions of France: Île-de-France, Rhône-Alpes, Franche-Comté and Languedoc-Roussillon. An overwhelming 90% of respondents agreed with the Ministry of Agriculture’s proposal to promote the use of to-go boxes and bags in restaurants in the country’s effort to reduce food waste. Interestingly enough, only 75% of survey participants responded that they were willing to use doggy bags. A whopping 70% admitted to never having asked to take their leftovers back home with them. The idea had never even occurred to 31% of those inquired. These numbers and responses clearly suggest that doggy bags are not considered part of French dining culture, but also that most people recognize the benefits of such a custom and are willing to embrace it to contribute to the fight against excessive waste. This survey tells us that over 50% of French people opt to dine out at least once a month, 59% of whom are unable to finish their ordered meal. It is clear to see how the effective implementation of take-away services in French restaurants could greatly reduce unnecessary food waste!
JPEG - 6.7 kb
The Anti-Food Waste Logo in France
As a result, the French Ministry of Agriculture has included doggy bag promotion into their National Campaign against Food Waste, which hopes to cut such waste in half by 2025. Another bigger, more comprehensive survey is currently underway in France that probes traditional restaurateurs and students of hospitality with the goal of gaining concrete insight into the implications of the doggy bag: Would offering this service reduce consumer image of food quality? Would garbage disposal costs decline? What are the ethical and environmental responsibilities of the provider and consumer? Be on the lookout for the results to this follow-up survey mid-October of this year!


The JCCC Hospitality and Culinary Program Pastry Shop is open every Friday at 3 p.m.

Now that Fall classes are underway in the JCCC Hospitality and Culinary Academy, the Pastry Shop is OPEN Friday afternoons from 3 p.m. until they sell out. Purchase a wide variety of pastries and sweets to take home to your family. Made by our students with instructor supervision using only the highest quality ingredients. All money raised from the sale of these sweet treats goes right back into the JCCC pastry program. Arrive early for the best selection! Read more about our Pastry Shop HERE. You can also place a special order by emailing Pastry Chef Doug Flick at

Ghost Tours at Court House Exchange


The Journey Wood Fired Steaks

Slide Into Delicious!

Enjoy two Certified Angus Beef® Prime Rib Sliders and a glass of limited edition Caymus 40th Anniversary Cabernet Sauvignon. This limited time offer is available for just $28.

777 NW Argosy Parkway
Riverside, MO 64150
Ph. 816-746-3485
Located in the Argosy Casino


Lawrence Restaurant Week

Pachamama's Restaurant Week Menu September 15-20
Call 785.841.0990 for reservations

Poblano and Hominy Griddle Cakes
Shiitake Mushrooms, Farm Egg, Charred Scallion Crema, Ancho Blackberry Syrup

Buckwheat Crepes
Herbed Sweetcorn and Boursin, Smoked Trout Aioli, Crispy Serrano

Tamarind Grilled Creekstone Farms Beef Coulotte Steak
Yucca Puree, Pickled Local Squash, Heirloom Tomatoes, Charmoula.

Chevre Cheesecake

Almond Streusel, Blueberry Gel, Amaretto Compressed Apricots

The laughter of friends. Aromas that make your mouth water. And more colorful dishes than you can shake a fork at. Lawrence Restaurant Week is a feast for the senses.
With more than a dozen restaurants celebrating the eclectic restaurant scene of downtown Lawrence, there’s something for every taste. Just bring your appetite and your sense of adventure!


Kansas City Westport welcomes Marriott's newest lifestyle hotel brand

AC Hotels by Marriott Kansas City Westport is not your typical hotel, and that’s by design. Have you heard the brand is opening one of its first locations in Westport?

Inspired by the runways and fashion houses of Milan, AC Hotels by Marriott encourages guests to “feel the city”, the brand featuring simple clean and crisp lines and marrying sophisticated European style with approachable design for a distinctly urban feel for each of its locations.

The new AC Hotels by Marriott Kansas City Westport is intended for the next generation traveler and boasts some of the most unique offerings and amenities in the hotel industry. The bar will serve beer only in cans, wine will be on tap and Bluetooth-ready media salons ensure guests are well connected while away from home.

What makes the AC Hotels by Marriott brand so unique is their emphasis on the out of hotel experience. Proximity and access to Kansas City’s most popular establishments is an integral part of the AC Hotels by Marriott Kansas City Westport experience.

AC Hotels by Marriott Kansas City Westport, expected to open Nov. of 2014, is the second AC Hotels by Marriott to open in the U.S.; the first in New Orleans is set to open in Oct. of 2014.

JCCC Culinary

JCCC Culinary Instructor Chef Aaron Prater and business partner Ryan Wing to open The Sundry in downtown KC
Business partners Chef Aaron Prater and Ryan Wing met while working at Johnson County Community College. Aaron is a culinary instructor and Ryan is in the JCCC Center for Sustainability. Ryan has also worked with local hospitality businesses, like Chef Michael Foust from The Farmhouse, on how to "go green." They are now working together to open this storefront, which will be called The Sundry, at 17th & Baltimore in downtown Kansas City. They plan to have the doors open by November 2014. It will be a grocery store & deli featuring locally produced, grown and raised products. They will have a full commercial kitchen and a license to sell beer & wine in the space. Upstairs, they eventually plan to host cooking classes. This will be a welcome addition to downtown living in KC. 

Let's Celebrate!!!

All this month 

Mio - an Italian Trattoria

is celebrating our two year anniversary!! What a great two years it has been and we want to give back to you!  All this month come into Mio Italian Trattoria and receive an envelope from your server.  You can only open the envelope once you return to Mio. The server will open your envelope and reveal your prize! We are so excited to be giving back to you, our wonderful guests!! 

The prizes include:
$5 gift card
$10 gift card
Buy One Get One Free
$30 gift card
Free Wine Dinner for Two!

And be entered for our Grand Prize, dinner for two for the WHOLE YEAR!! 

4800 West 135th Street
Leawood, KS 66209
Ph. (913) 685-9646


The Melting Pot Kansas City - Events

Mid-Romantic Getaway

Tuesdays-Thursdays in September
Send your palate to France with a dinner specially crafted to be more romantic in every way. The three-course dinner includes cheese fondue, entree (herb chicken, white shrimp, and Angus sirloin), and Signature Chocolate-Covered Strawberries. Escape with your special someone on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night this September!
All guests enjoying our Mid-Romantic Getaway will be entered into a drawing for a one night hotel stay and dinner for two at The Melting Pot of Kansas City! One winner will be drawn each week during the month of September.

Add an "extra" touch of romance with a rose petal-covered table and chocolate scented candle for only $10

***Please mention "Romantic Getaway" when making your reservation to ensure we have your Signature Chocolate-Covered Strawberries ready.

The Melting Pot
450 Ward Pkwy
Kansas City, MO 64112
Ph. 816-931-6358
web site     

Dine Out for No Kid Hungry

September 2014
During the month of September, we will donate $1 for every three-course combination purchase and .50 for every retail and celebration package to No Kid Hungry. $1 can be enough to provide 10 meals for a child in need.

For more information:

The Melting Pot
450 Ward Pkwy
Kansas City, MO 64112
Ph. 816-931-6358
web site     

Doll-Up for Breast Cancer Awareness

Each Sunday in October
Indulge in a specialty four-course dinner for only $30/person and enjoy $5 pink cocktails all night long!
$5 from each Doll-Up dinner will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® through The Estee Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. 
Since 1994, The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign has donated $38 million to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® to defeat breast cancer by funding 152 medical research grants worldwide, improving ways to assess risk in young girls with a family history, and more. Join us in supporting the fight against breast cancer at The Doll-Up Events.

Join in on the fun and "doll-up" in that old prom dress or gown and receive a complimentary photo and dip certificate.

**Mention "Doll-Up" when making your reservation. Valid at this location only. Tax and gratuity not included. Some restrictions apply. Not valid with any other promotional offer, discount or dip certificate. See store for details or restrictions.

The Financial Transformation of Agribusiness and Food Supply

What you find on the plate at your favorite restaurant is only the final step in the massive global food supply chain. While there are still some mom and pop farms that deliver fresh products directly to stores and restaurants, the reality of the food industry is that it has become an enormous, corporate business. Agribusiness has transformed from an individual-based system to one owned and controlled by investors and shareholders.

Part of what this means is that the system of food production and delivery, from tomatoes to steaks to hot pockets, is dedicated to profits and the bottom line. Depending on your point of view, this could be either a good or bad thing.

A focus on profits means that money triumphs people, with jobs being lost and farms being shut down. It also means that men and women in business suits in New York, London, or Dubai are more likely to be making decisions about what goes on your plate than your local farmer does.

Investors are the ones who drive any corporation, and it is no different with the agribusiness conglomerates. But that isn't necessarily bad, as that means that regular people can make money off these companies, and even off the price of corn or wheat, through investing on options sites such as

Furthermore, the positive effects of the agribusiness transformation may far outweigh the negative effects. The influx of investment money and business know-how has led to better business practices, increased workplace safety, and even better, more nutritious food products. While there will always be local farmer's markets, most of what you end up eating at restaurants or at home is the product of big agribusiness, so get used to it.

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