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The Origins of Kansas City BBQ

Kansas City's barbecue cuisine began as early as the 1920's, resulting from a melting pot of sauces and traditions brought to this area from Texas and the Deep south. While Bryant's is perhaps the most famous barbecue establishment, the actual barbecue phenomenon began with a man named Henry Perry. During the Depression, Perry distributed slabs of barbecued ribs grilled in an outdoor pit and wrapped in newspaper to make ends meet.

Customers were satisfied, and the trend caught on, influencing upcoming barbecue chefs such as Charlie and Arthur Bryant, George Gates, and Otis Boyd. Each of these men added his own flavor and style to barbecue, creating the barbecue that Kansas City has become famous for.

Arthur and Charlie Bryant.

Ribs from the renowned Bryant's Barbecue had their beginning back in the early 1930's, when Arthur Bryant, migrating from Texas, was asked to work with his brother Charlie at "Old Man Perry's" place on the 19th Street. Arthur eventually bought the restaurant and made dramatic changes, the most significant one being the sauce. The original sauce was one of the hottest ever made, but has since been tamed to a moderately spicy recipe. Arthur Bryant's legacy of barbecue, frosty beers, and famous beers, and famous unpeeled fries continues to operate from the original site.

Georges and Ollie Gates
The Gates (father and son) were also influenced by Old Man Perry, their business having roots in the 1940's. The "right" sauce was discovered in 1949 and has been the same ever since, with new flavors added along the way. Gates Barbecue has expanded to include several restaurants in various locations around Kansas City. Ollie Gate's "Rib Tech" school trains his pitmasters, assuring perfection of this family's cuisine.

Otis Boyd
Otis Boyd began his barbecue legacy in the mid 1940's, opening his restaurant in the heart of Kansas City's jazz district at the corner of the 12th Street and Vine. Although Boyd received formal training at a chef's school in Chicago in 1939, he claims to have developed his sauce from "whatever was around the kitchen". Boyd's expertise with hickory smoking his meats may remain a well kept secret, but those who have discovered his talents claim his homemade sausage is the best in town.

Jack Stack Barbecue

Many fine establishments can boast of being visited by US presidents or Hollywood movie stars. It's nice to be visited by these fine folks, but what really counts is the everyday customers that keep coming back to your restaurant. They don't become loyal fans because someone famous once ate there, they do it because they personally enjoy the food, atmosphere, and service they receive whenever they visit. At Jack Stack Barbecue, what our customers have to say about us is what really matters to us. That is why we're especially proud of the many surveys and ratings that consistently choose Jack Stack Barbecue as their favorite barbecue restaurant. They are very proud to have been serving our barbecue since 1957

Winslows BBQ at the City Market

Serving a mouth-watering blend of smoked meats and home-style side dishes, Winslow's has been a Kansas City tradition for over 25 years. We slow smoke only the finest quality meats over green hickory in a specially engineered brick pit for an unmatched smoke flavor. At Winslow's, we feature a dry-rub style of barbecue that delivers a characteristic pink smoke ring along the edges of our briskets and tender ribs. All our sandwiches and meals are served without sauce allowing customers to choose from one of our tasty sauces.


Dan and I were looking forward to our romantic Valentines' dinner at Pierponts. But it was sooo much more than I expected!! The wine pairing enhanced each dish more than I could have ever imagined! And as if that wasn't enough, Dan got down on one knee and purposed to me afterwards!!! It was not only a fantastic cullinary experience, but an evening I will never forget!!!!


Spicy does not! mean painfull or unable to allow children to enjoy. The Thai Place understands this, and mad my day and my neices first experience just right. My little side kick loved it just like me!

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Frida's is unlike any other Mexican restaurant I have been to before. Unique menu with very interesting authentic offerings. The chips were warm and fresh and the salsa is delicious. We also had the quacamole appetizer. There is a regular and one with pomagranate and other spices which is particulary good. We each had something different and all 3 loved our dinner. The cornmeal ice cream is a must! Never had a dessert like it before - awesome! Ask for Ivan, he is a great server.

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