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  • Porto do Sul

    Brazilian Steakhouse

  • Harvest Table

    with an array of hot and cold items

  • Traditional Brazilian Steakhouse fare

    full Churrascaria experience

  • Offers a menu in the bar area

    for those in the mood for a lighter meal

  • Newly renovated second private dining room

    for your groups of up to 140 guests

Sushi Chef - Sushi Classes


Want a Private Sushi Rolling Class?
1.  Require 5 guests minimum and up to 12 in a class.
2.  $25 per person - includes one of our top Chefs from Japan, either Fumi or Koji, the class, the ingredients for the roll, you keep and eat the roll and a souvenir.  
3.  You can purpose drinks, food during the class, etc.  We will provide you a table for the class and one for dining. 
4.  We only do these classes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. any time

To have this Chef come to a private home - we charge $500 minimum; for 2 hours.  The $25 per person still applies along with anything else a la carte you might want.  The class details would be the same; He would bring the "class" with him basically.  


Nara Japanese Restaurant
1617 Main Street 
Kansas City, MO 64108 
Ph. 816-221-6272 


It’s All About the Pit - Jack Stack BBQ

It’s All About the Pit

While the term Pit Master is one everyone in the barbecue biz may be familiar with, the rest of us probably have heard but really don’t understand it.  “Think of it as being the executive chef in a high-end restaurant,” smiled Tim Keegan, Executive Pit Master extraordinaire at Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue.  “Most Pit Masters have at least five years’ experience in an open pit, that’s a wood fire.  They control everything – the meat choices, the cuts, the fire and meat temperatures, the rubs, the sauces, everything.”

Jack Stack, with five restaurants, has five Pit Masters and the “youngest” has about nine years’ experience.  They get up VERY early and are usually at work by four or five in the morning, put in a 12 hour day typically and then go home to dream about barbecue.  They each have two assistants who are “in training” for the Pit Master job.

Jack Stack began life as the Smokestack in 1955 and Tim was there in 1999 – after already honing his skills at his family’s barbecue (Snead’s) starting at age 11 and an additional 12 years, beginning in 1987, running his own eponymous barbecue restaurant.  He was well versed in what it takes to run a great barbecue restaurant and opened up three of the latest restaurants.  Now he’s in charge of the cooking production and procurement for the shipping division of the business which allows thousands of non-Kansas City folk to enjoy ribs, cheesy corn, sausage, brisket, the works. 

You may have seen Tim, on TV because he’s been on numerous Food Network shows, public TV here and in Iowa, and even the History Channel.  His passion for his job and what he does always shines through.

  • Head Pit Master
I finally asked him a key question -- favorite lunch?  Hard to decide he says but he’d have to choose between their honey-glazed baby backs or real burnt ends, which have to be a labor of love given how hard they are to come by anymore.  What he likes best is probably, “…seeing people blown away by our quality.  Meat so tender it melts.  I’ve grown up in this business, enjoy every single day, and I love that we help the community, too.”

By the way, that wood fire?  At Jack Stack, it’s 70% hickory, 30% oak and each of their five locations burns five to seven cords a week.  You probably know a cord is 128 cubic feet or a close stacked woodpile about 4 feet high, 8 feet long, and 4 feet deep.  It’s a LOT of wood, that’s all I can say.   

Jack Stack Barbecue Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


One Great Chef: Erik Camacho

One Great Chef:  Erik Camacho

The title of this blog should be “Defying Expectations.”  I went for lunch with my publisher the other day and we went to Pinstripes in Prairiefire.  I am not going to talk that much about our lunch, though we got four different items including a very unusual version of carrot cake sitting in a pool of caramel that was tantalizing and acorn squash with burrata that was a true unique treat, but we also met their executive chef.  There are eight Pinstripes, mostly in the Midwest, and their head chefs’ titles are Bistro Chef.  Whatever.  They’ve clearly found a gem in Erik.

Chef Erik’s background is a little bit unusual.  He was in the army for 11 years, working on tanks.  When he came home to California, he really didn’t know what he wanted to do.  But he’d been cooking for his large family for years and thought, “Well, I love to cook, why not culinary school?”  So that’s what he did.  He worked in some restaurants out there and then packed up his daughter and came to Lee’s Summit to chef in his sister’s bar.  That led eventually to stints as Gordon Biersch and as head chef for RA Sushi.  Since then, he’s opened up several restaurants for Pinstripes, including this Overland Park location three years ago, remarried, had two more children (for a total of five), and learned even more.

His joy in his work and colleagues shines through.  “I like the challenges and I love the creativity here.  When we do large events, and we do all kinds with all kinds of food, it makes me so satisfied that people love the food.  I like contributing to a cool time when everyone is so happy.”

Pinstripes’ tagline is Bistro l Bowling l Bocce.  But Erik and his team have really made sure the bistro part is what foodies (yes, I used that word) like me need to remember. You probably didn’t know that this is a 98% scratch kitchen – including all their pastas.  I sure didn’t. You really should brave Prairiefire and 135th Street and go there.  So happy I did! 

13500 Nall Avenue 
Overland Park, KS 66223 
Ph. 913-681-2255 

Pinstripes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato  Pinstripes

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