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Sushi Chef - Sushi Classes


Want a Private Sushi Rolling Class?
1.  Require 5 guests minimum and up to 12 in a class.
2.  $25 per person - includes one of our top Chefs from Japan, either Fumi or Koji, the class, the ingredients for the roll, you keep and eat the roll and a souvenir.  
3.  You can purpose drinks, food during the class, etc.  We will provide you a table for the class and one for dining. 
4.  We only do these classes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. any time

To have this Chef come to a private home - we charge $500 minimum; for 2 hours.  The $25 per person still applies along with anything else a la carte you might want.  The class details would be the same; He would bring the "class" with him basically.  


Nara Japanese Restaurant
1617 Main Street 
Kansas City, MO 64108 
Ph. 816-221-6272 


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