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KC’s 1st Sushi Burrito Restaurant

New restauranteur, Jason Buck and Nika Marnell, are bringing the first sushi burrito restaurant to Kansas City. The sushi burrito is a new concept of Latin Asian fusion cuisine that already exist in very few places across the US. 

After long research and development, it’s about time we bring this idea to you here in Kansas City, where we ALL love sushi and burritos. Komotodo is a franchise originally based in Denver, Colorado. The creator, Alonzo Martinez, opened this concept from scratch, without any restaurant experience. Since it’s opening 4 years ago, the hype is still growing strong and it’s time to spread the love to KC! 

A sushi burrito is a new type of food that is basically an oversized sushi roll that you can eat with your hands but it has a ton more ingredients, such as; salmon, tuna, fish, crab, chick, steak, and an assortment of delicious fruits and vegetables topped off with a delicious sauce. Keep in mind, these burritos have an epic flavor with 1/3 the calories of the popular burrito restaurants we all love. There is also an option to make a dish into a poké bow or nachos, in addition to a variety of appetizers; avocado fries, mushroom fries, and eggrolls...just to name a few. Surely, your mouth is watering by now! In addition, there will be a selection of local and domestic beer, wine, and health/energy drinks available. Quality is our top priority, and we will use the freshest ingredients available to create these masterpieces...your taste buds will be in shock! 

Our menu will consist of about 12 different burritos, premium bowls made to order, and about 5 sides and desserts that you have yet to see and try before. Komotodo will be a fast casual, contemporary/modern restaurant, located in Overland Park on the corner of 135th and Metcalf (Corbin Park). This high-traffic location will seat 50 people inside along with a fantastic patio attached. As you enter the restaurant, digital menus will display all of the food option and orders placed are prepped in front of you for customization. 

We will be serving Kansascitians 7 days a week; lunch, happy-hour, dinner, and late-night! We’ve been blessed with the support and inspiration of many mentors, restaurant owners, chefs, family, and friends. Our goal is to spread the sushi-burrito love to many locations in Kansas City as soon as possible. 

Help Komotodo Sushi Burrito spread the news about our presence and Opening Day!


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