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Porto do Sul

Re-Discovering Reason

The other day, despite not being all that hungry, I stopped by Porto do Sul in sunny southern Overland Park. No real reason – just hadn’t been in for a while.  I was so pleasantly surprised I thought I’d tell you about it.

First, I’m not sure I really knew I didn’t have to eat a whole bunch!  You know the feeling . . . if you’re buying dinner for 49 bucks for 17 cuts of meat and a huge harvest table of all kinds of assorted side (and main) dishes, you feel like you gotta eat lots.  Buffet fever I call it. 

But I learned I could also try some Brazilian favorites starting at just $12.50 for lunch or dinner.  Things like the picanha house special which is a sirloin sandwich on their famous cheese bread and their special Porto sauce for $13. Or their churrasco plate with sirloin slices, bacon-wrapped chicken, sausage and pork loin grilled with parmesan cheese and two slides for $17.  Ok, that’s a lot – but my friend and I split it.  They have a quinoa salad with either grilled shrimp or chicken for $12.50 – honestly, where’s a similar lunch for that little?  And it’s not heavy – I could really justify it as summertime eating.  There are many more choices, too.

Something else I didn’t know: they also have take-out at various price and quantity levels.  They’re being very creative in recognizing who their customers are and what they want.

My final discovery is what they’ve done with the space.  They turned the huge bar into a huge private dining room for parties of up to 140 happy diners, called the Rotunda Room.  The Cellar Room seats 65.  I really liked their bar before, the new bar area is to the right when enter and it’s just as cool. And they have a very affordable and hugely tasty bar menu.  And any time of year, try their scotch old-fashioned.  Oh my.

I’m glad I accidentally learned so much.  If you haven't been to Porto do Sul lately, you need to go. Now.

Porto do Sul
11900 Metcalf Avenue 
Overland Park, KS 66213 
Ph. (913) 283-9180 

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