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It’s an Adventure!

Since it was cool, even if rainy, at long last this week, I took some friends on the streetcar and we ate at il Lazzarone, a not so new anymore pizza place in the city market. What struck me most was that three of them hadn’t been on the street car and that the entire excursion could be considered an adventure – which one kept exclaiming it was. 

What if we started looking at all such trips as adventures?  Life would be so much more exciting.  And even if you’re going to a familiar place, you can turn it into an exploration. For instance, one HOT day last week, I was at McCormick and Schmick’s.  No way was I going to sit outside.  Yet there was a breeze, hot again, but we braved the heat and decided to sit on their lovely patio, ordered a tropical drink and then their fresh strawberry lemonade, ate the perfectly seared bigeye ahi tuna and despite the cars, I pretended I was in Hawaii.  It certainly all felt tropical – and I felt better about my more exotic excursion all evening long.  (Then I went home and took another shower.)

Another recent journey was to Swordfish Tom’s with some of my friends from Les Dames d’Escoffier.  It’s a speakeasy off 18th Terrace downtown and several of us had never been there before.  It’s a bit hard to find – which made their specialty cocktails all the better.  Delicious concoctions in an unexpected venue made me feel like I was in prohibition days, without the gangsters.

There are places I keep saying I want to try but procrastinate.  Why?  I dunno.  This summer is the time to experiment.   I’ve decided, to have more adventures.  Research new-to-me places, re-look at the familiar, go to a special wine dinner for an evening to remember, change up what I do.  Something as simple as if you mostly eat out on the weekends with the crowds, go on a Monday or Tuesday – a far more leisurely experience. Taste something you’ve never been willing to attempt in a favorite restaurant.  Think about eating out as an usual experiment whose outcome is not pre-determined. Adventures are definitely available in Kansas City – if only we look for them!


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