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One Great Dish

Chipped beef on toast

A few weeks ago for this space, I talked with Colby Garrelts, famed chef of Bluestem and Rye restaurants. I really appreciate someone who is equally at home fixing the most elegant and sophisticated of dishes AND who loves, and prepares, much more “down home” food, but usually with a twist.  A great example of that is the meal my mom used to fix us, often when she and dad were going out, chipped beef on toast. 

It was that pretty basic version I mentioned in that blog, but now I’ve gotten Chef Colby’s permission to give you the recipe of his far tastier version which I found in his and wife Megan’s newest cookbook, Made in America. It is, proclaims its cover, “A Modern Collection of Classic Recipes” and that’s just what it is – food that is familiar, but they’ve made it MUCH better. It is organized cleverly – Daybreak, From the Cupboard and Garden, Cast Iron, From the Fryer, From the Grill and so on. Desserts of course, too. It’s as much fun to read the personalized notes about the dishes as it is the recipes – and the pictures are of food that looks real. Nice touch, that. 

To make this nostalgic chipped beef on toast but made with bresaola and spinach and real white gravy, click here. I can guarantee you it’s better than what mom made.

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