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SupperClub 2017

I’m So Excited NOW
There’s a very cool event coming up on September 29th and if you’re a foodie and /or you like jazz, you should get your ticket NOW.  It’s the inaugural SupperClub2017, sponsored by Les Dames d’Escoffier, the Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors, and the American Restaurant.  I know you are familiar with at least one of the three – the now premier event space in Kansas City.   The other two are philanthropic organizations, one women professionals in the culinary professions and the other jazz supporters, who are combining to provide scholarships in those respective vocations.  Anyway, what’s even more cool to attendees are the others who are contributing their skills – I just have to list them:  chefs Debbie Gold (The American), Celina Tio (the Belfry), Renee Kelly (Harvest), Theresia Oto (The Monarch Club), Katee McLean (Krokstrom Klubb), Remy Ayesh (Café Sebastienne),  Alison Reed (JCCC) ; mixologists Julie Ohno from the Rieger and Margot Thompson from Blvd Tavern as well as Kimrey Burmeister from Classic Cup Café who is serving as the somm for the evening.

But wait, there’s more:  The entertainment all evening long is stellar:  Host Angela Hagenbach, Lonnie McFadden, Julie Turner, Shay Estes, the Mark Lowrey Quartet and other soon-to-be-known-greats. This will all be done supper-club style with wines for each course of course.

This is such an unusual collaboration for such a good cause, I just can’t wait.  If you’d like to purchase tickets, and I really hope you do (and be sure to come introduce yourself to me), go here, NOW! 

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