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Marinara Sauce - Recipe - Pinstripes

One Great Dish - Marinara Sauce

So, which I’m sure you recall, a month or so ago I wrote about a very cool chef, Erik Camacho at Pinstripes. Erik has worked at several different places in his career and is a creative guy. 

 Of course, I asked him about the basics, sauces, which form the underlying taste profile of so many dishes. So what, you’re saying, is all that creative about marinara sauce? Ahh, my friends, so much. He does point out that it’s the right ingredients – and your taste buds – that matter. The basics make something great, so great you might not even recognize the value because it’s sorta at the bottom of the recipe’s elements. Anyway, I got him to share his marinara sauce, and frankly, it’s just delish. Granted, I ate his version, not mine – but I think I could make this. He did say, “Of course, like any recipe, you can make this your own. If you like more garlic, add another teaspoon. If you like it a little chunkier, don't blend the vegetables. There is always the option of substituting dry herbs for fresh herbs, but you will need to use much less if you use dried. Whatever you do, enjoy!” 

Flexibility is important if you’re a chef – which I’m so glad to hear, given MY skill level! 

I’m sharing his recipe (with his permission) posting it to you, here, with the hope you will make it – and then tell me what you think.

Marinara Recipe

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jan wiese said...

Looks good but what is tomato juice from Margarita sauce?

Erik Camacho said...

We use Alta Cucina tomatoes. When we make margharita sauce we hand squeeze the tomatoes and strain out the juices. Rather than discard the juices we use them in other recipes.

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