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Lunch at West Side Local

A sunny Saturday afternoon and being only slightly hung-over from what turned into a late night before (PotPie, always good!), I wanted a burger.  It's not that often that I say that. Off we went to Westside Local for their covered patio.  This is not elegance, picnic tables and benches largely dominate, but our wrought iron table on the side was shaded and protected . . . by a large dog of indiscriminate breed.  We didn't know he was protecting us, and everyone else, when a bulldog shouldered by, thereby causing a thunderstorm of barking punctuated by very loud, mostly useless cries of their respective owners to quiet, stop, no, etc.  Whaddya expect, really?

Other than that disruption, the food was good, very good.  One of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in town, hands down. Bill had already started in before I could get my camera out, as you seen in the pic.   My burger came the way I ordered it; fries are great.  Service was OK, but she smiled often.  There were no soft drinks -- soda mechanism had broken down but the waitress did a great thing.  After telling us they weren't available, she brought back my iced tea (see my first line again) and  a limeade and asked if Bill would like that instead. And then she didn't charge for it.  Very nice.  We forgot the dog almost-fight.

The Westside Local
1663 Summit 
Kansas City, MO 64108 
Ph. (816 )997-9089 
On historic Summit overlooking downtown Kansas City

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