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Downtown’s Almost Secret Breakfast Spot

If you’re not a visitor to Kansas City and staying there, your first thought for breakfast may not be the historic President Hotel’s Walnut Room. But whether you ARE a visitor to K.C. or a resident, your first thought should be, let’s eat here. This beautifully redone hotel opened in 1926, closed in 1980, and then reopened as a Hilton in 2005. The memorabilia in the hallway downstairs make it worth your trip all by itself in my opinion. The restoration of the Walnut Room to “high 40s glamour” makes it easy for that eggs benedict or the standard American breakfast or the omelette (that’s the French spelling you know) you’ve created for yourself to be enjoyed. That’s after the coffee has been delivered – my first priority in a breakfast place. 

I tend to go to divish places for breakfast so this was a nice diversion. The problem with the aforementioned dives is that the coffee is always bad. In fancy places, the meal is always pretty expensive. I think I’ve found an alternative here – pancakes are ten bucks and full meals range all the way to steak and eggs for $15 – pretty darn good for any decent restaurant, much less a hotel. Coffee arrived quickly, with the cream pitcher beside it, hot, good, and replenished frequently. Ahhhh. 

Seeing no biscuits and gravy on the menu, my portly companion opted for the buffet where they did reside, along with scrambled eggs (could have had them made to order), bacon, sausage, fruit and lots of other good stuff. That was $16.95. 
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The hotel is on the National Register of Historic Places (one of five or six hotels around K.C.) and it’s just a fun place to see. Don’t forget to eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day, there, too.

Providence New American Kitchen
1329 Baltimore 
Kansas City, MO 64105 
Ph. (816) 303-1686 
Located in The President Hotel

Providence - New American Kitchen

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