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Chinese, Please 

Last week I was fortunate to go on a tour of the Chinatown Food Market on the north side of the City Market. What made it wonderful was that the tour guide was Teresa Ng, co-founder with husband/chef Richard, of six Bo Lings restaurants. We learned lots about foods I would never buy (a skills issue I fear) but certainly enjoy tasting. We tasted moon cakes, a special celebratory treat and a small round fruit, about the size of a large grape, that you peeled and popped into your mouth called a longan fruit. But the best part was still to come. Les Dames d’Escoffier Kansas City arranged for the tour and meal. 

 But Chef/owner Richard Ng made our meal fabulous. Up at the crack of dawn, he scoured the market for the best, fresh ingredients. The edamame were in bunches on the stem – I’ve only ever seen the ones previously frozen. There is a “tastable” difference. A vegetable soup filled with veggies and mushrooms sang a savory song to us. The tiny round eggplants and the okra each with their special sauces, the garlic spinach – ah, just the start. The steamed flounder, the shrimp with crispy noodles (almost like ramen to me), a new recipe they’re working on for the restaurant with braised pork, kabocha (a sister squash) chunks, leeks, and other veggies, which we all said they should start serving, and more – it just kept coming. I hated that I could only eat such small portions – of course of everything – because I just ran out of stomach room. 

 The City Market’s Bo Lings is casual and entertaining. You can sit outside in their covered patio and watch overloaded suburbanites trek by on the weekends. Getting there now is easier as the streetcar can dump you off right in front of the restaurant. No parking issues. 

Even if you’re not a part of a special group like we were, the Ngs and their staff will treat you in a friendly, courteous manner and your food will be great – as befitting a local “chain” that’s been around since the 80s. 

Just this blogger’s opinion but If you’ve eaten at any of the other Bo Lings (Plaza, Corinth, Zona Rosa, and two in Overland Park), you really should try this one, too! Please.

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