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There IS excitement in South KC!

Adventures in Leawood and South OP 

Now you may think using the words adventure and Leawood and South Overland Park in the same sentence are incongruous. Not so.

A couple of weeks ago I had an evening that combined two fab experiences. One was eating of course. Along with a Kansas City Restaurant Guide crew, I ate first at Sullivan’s Steak House, who treated us to a divine dinner. There appeared like magic from our excellent server: crispy calamari done just right, tender prime rib (on the menu weekends), broiled salmon that still managed to taste just caught, corn casserole, some veggies, and a dark, rich, decadent chocolate cake (can I get in more adjectives here?) in a strawberry puree full of flavor. Yum. Repeat that. I was sorry I was full – I could have done it all over again. 

What I didn’t remember about Sullivan’s is that, with about 18 of them from Anchorage to Baton Rouge, they are a member of the excellent Del Frisco’s group but their executive chefs have creative freedom as well. That’s nice. Their steak menu is extensive of course, but their other choices are comprehensive as well – one of the few places to serve stone crabs in season for instance. They also have a combo called The Sure Thing which is a three-courser for only $44 which includes a filet or New York (tisk, tisk) strip or salmon, and choice of soups and greens and dessert. 

Anyway, back to the adventure. Since Sullivan’s was a bit of a new delicious discovery for me, I figured that was it for the evening. But, no, the adventure continued, this time in Overland Park. 

Off we went to Tick Tock Escape Games not too far away on College Boulevard. This is a team escapade where up to six or so people act together to escape from a cleverly designed room full of hidden devices, secret compartments, tech-gizmos, too. You’re shown a short video to get you started and then the fun begins. This is puzzle solving that is challenging, interesting, and entertaining. Even if you’re largely clueless. That would be me. I’m sure if I had a couple more hours, I could have been more helpful, ha!, but you have basically an hour. About then, the hints began – you’re being watched! Very helpful. There were many ah-ha’s and many ha-ha’s and the hour (plus) sped by. 

Tick Tock would be enlightening for corporate groups and entertaining for (non-dysfunctional?) families, parties, groups of friends or just acquaintances.You can find out more about it at It’s only about $30 per person, or less, and is an enjoyable pursuit. An adventure, really, one that makes you even think. Egads.


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