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You Sweet Thing, You (V)

The other night we hopped off the street car (fast, clean, easy) and walked the two very short blocks (fast, easy) to Le Fou Frog. We got there early; they were just opening the doors for Happy Hour Friday and we were welcomed warmly. We had an extremely nice charcuterie plate, perfect pomme frites (doesn’t that sound better than French fries?) and probably the best, fattest, tenderest mussels I’ve had in K.C. which came with a large, toasty roll for dunking. I’d ordered the mussels because usually there’s not much food there, and if you don’t overindulge in the bread, it’s a light meal. And I wanted that light meal because I wanted to try the profiteroles, one of the Frog’s best desserts. 

The trick of the profiterole is the choux pastry which makes up the famous cream puff. And that it be both somehow crisp on the outside, not too chewy, and absolutely airy. And although many are filled with a sweetened whipped cream or some other like filling, they can also be filled with ice cream, retopped, and some chocolate sauce added for still more richness. This is the technique of Le Fou Frog’s – and the ice cream was at least golf ball size and very rich and good. There were two on the plate and certainly meant to be shared, given the size of the concoction. This is definitely not the reason the French stay skinny compared to us obese Americans. And it’s definitely a reason to go to the restaurant – along with their happy hour, their mussels, their patio, their entrĂ©es, and their atmosphere. Did I miss anything? Oh yes, great service from pleasant people, too.

Le Fou Frog
400 East 5th Street 
Kansas City, MO 64105 
Ph. 816- 474-6060 

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