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Need to get happy? Have I got an idea for you!

Happy Hour V: New Space Means New Grace

Everyone has probably been to JJ’s now just newish space next to the big law firm on the Plaza.  But you may not be aware of his expanded patio OR his happy hour which didn’t so much occur at the old location.  But if you’ve not been to their Happy Hour, you’re definitely missing out.

The first part that makes me happy is the drink prices.  There’s their “wine of the day” and it’s just $5.  Since this is JJ’s, it’s not schlock and it’s simply red, white or bubbles. This night, ours was a remarkably nice French wine, Omaine FILLENT Sainte Marie. Well drinks are even less and Boulevard drafts are $3.50.  So right away, from 4 -6 p.m. SEVEN days a week, I can be joyful immediately. 

There are normally just four dishes on their list for munchies, but they’re not small and three of the four are just $8.00.  The one that is a whopping dollar more is the steamed (white wine with leeks, curry, shallots, thyme and cream) mussels, savory, very yellow, very curry, and delish – an unusual prep for mussels and unexpectedly delicious.  There’s a thin crust pizza worthy of JJ’s and the excitement is that the toppings change daily – it’s chef’s choice here.  Ours was pepperoni, three cheeses, and small red peppers – sweet and tangy at the same time.  And fun.  There are also tenderloin sliders and crispy calamari companioned by zucchini and peppers with a lemon marinara sauce.  Yum.

Part of the appeal at JJ’s to me is the people.  Beyond the lawyers, there’s a nice, eclectic mix of long-time fans and late day partiers – and everyone is quite, quite happy that the new space has new habits. This is a very nice, long bar and I could sit there very happily, well past the Happy Hour.  Oh, wait, I did.  (Huge port selection; great with dessert.)

JJ's Restaurant
900 West 48th Place, Suite 110 
Kansas City, MO 64112 
Ph. 816- 561-7136 


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