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Happy Hour V

Bring in the New Year . . . Skipping the Bubbles
Well, I am just about there – ready to say no more alcohol!  Between the food and the drink, I’ve successfully gained a few pounds this holiday season, which of course I needed.  So maybe it’s time to kick it down a notch.  Hmmmm, where to go to have a drink that’s not a drink and not just a drink that they subtract the alcohol from?

I don’t want to talk about coffee or tea or diet coke or a green smoothie here.  I want it still to be pretty and sparkly if possible.  Like the seven Italian cream sodas, including orange or pomegranate or blackberry at Webster House.  My friend loves the Not Your Father’s Root Beer at Cleaver & Cork but they also serve Little Freshie seasonal hand crafted sodas, too. For the ultimate, perhaps, try the “Nara Cure” at the eponymous restaurant – it’s made of healing elixirs: botanicals of cucumber, thyme, lemon and orange are said to promote a youthful glow and spirit.

Of course, maybe I can get that youthful glow by returning to my inner child and just ordering a Shirley Temple (probably from someone who doesn’t know who Shirley was and why there’d be a drink named after her).  Make mine with club soda.  And extra cherries.  The low cal ones of course. 

Cheers to 2016!

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