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Shop, Don’t Drop

It occurs to me that not only is it already December, but that brings Christmas and Hanukkah along with it – and the, let’s face it, responsibility and accountability of gifts.  Every year, the month is apparently a surprise – and somehow I’m never ready.

There are a few ways to go here – endless, mindless traipsing, on-line clicking and re-clicking and then hoping it gets here or there in time, or simply knowing a few great places that somehow always seem to work.

Among those places, for me, are Pryde’s  Kitchen &Necessities in Westport and the FrenchMarket  in Prairie Village.  Everyone knows Pryde’s whether your loved (or just liked or heck, just the person who works for you) wants premium cutlery or Fiesta Ware or a molcajete.  They have some really nice gift baskets I notice – whether the receiver is a barbeque fan (local of course!) or a gourmet coffee drinker.  Or, they’ll put together and package whatever you choose so beautifully the recipient will be impressed (and know you didn’t do it).

You may not have noticed that Prairie Village has become quite the boutique-y place to shop recently with items not found typically elsewhere.  That’s really true for the French Market.  Personally, my idea of a GREAT present would be someone dropping by a complete dinner (which they do) for spouse and me, but they also have a unique selection of specialty imported items from France ranging from fabulous French table linens to canisters to dishware you won’t see elsewhere.

Oh, one other idea – give that truly loved person a trip of a lifetime.  The one I’m looking at is aimed at foodies and their ilk – it’s in Bordeaux.  I found it at Ok, so after all, clicking could be one way to go.  But in any event, I feel sure I’ve solved most of your merry shopping dilemmas today.

You’re welcome.

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