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It’s in the Details

The word of the year, according to Merriam Webster, is a suffix.  This got me thinking . . .

Despite the freneticism, the skepticism, and the commercialism, one of the reasons I truly love the holidays is the details.  Mostly, besides the good feelings I, and most others, seem to automatically have, it’s the new décor that interests me. The small, or large, touches that whisper, or shout, hey, there’s something special going on -- so lookie here, lookie here.

Our K.C. restaurants, like those everywhere, join in this spirit.  Sure, it’s a great season for eating out but I get the feeling it’s more than a chore.  The purple tree at Bo Lings Plaza is festive and different.  801 Chophouse in Leawood has a giant tree not to be missed.  Walk into the Hilton President and gander at the garland, the tree and the many touches in this classic place before you dine at Providence.  Walk the Plaza streets and even look at the light poles before you cross over to Jax or JJ’s. Go the other direction and duck into Café Trio – wow!

Some places also include special, tiny décor additions like Webster House.  Some do big splashy additions like the poinsettia tree at the Block Space.  It’s fun that everywhere you go, there is both new minutiae and grand displays – both there for only a while. It’s all guaranteed to make you feel holidayish. 

Enjoy it while it lasts.

It’s definitely a time for merryism  and happyism!   

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