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The Art of Piropos

Piropos Restaurant in Briarcliff is unique in many ways including the one-of-kind art work that creates a dining environment that’s relaxed, friendly and fun. Just about all of the artwork placed in the bar & dining areas are from the streets, antique shops and galleries of Buenos Aires.

For example, the pictured small three-dimensional “Newsstand” located next to the reception desk is from the weekly Sunday art fair in the San Telmo area (often considered the original home of the Tango). This handmade and detailed art represents the thousands of street corner kiosks where Argentines stop to shop for their news, magazines and candy bars. These kiosks are only outnumbered by the flower stands that also dot BA’s boulevards.

Of course, in addition to enjoying the art work our Argentine style food and service are enhanced by the one-of-a kind views overlooking downtown Kansas City.

During the end of March 2015 and the month of April 2015, mention this blog and receive 20% discount of your favorite Argentinian wine. 

4141 N. Mulberry Drive 
Kansas City, MO 64116 
Ph. 816-741-3600 


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