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You Sweet Thing You – Harvey’s in Union Station

Unexpected.  First, it’s in our train station.  Second, it’s actually run by a catering company – Brancato’s.  Third, it’s a new take on a very old tradition – the original Harvey House restaurants that used to grace almost every largish railroad station in the country from Illinois to New Mexico – nearly ninety of them at their peak. Finally, desserts aren’t always key in a breakfast/lunch place (open til 3pm) but Harvey’s is stepping away from the norm, there, too.

For instance, they’ve just introduced a new dessert perfect for a mid-morning or after- Science-City- snack: a chocolate peanut butter torte with marshmallow cream frosting and a sugar cookie crust.  Or, treat yourself at lunch.  Kitchen manager Bob Pinnock created this delish concoction AND, now listen up here, there will be a new one EVERY MONTH!  Dessert nirvana.  Every month.  Life can be oh so sweet!

30 West Pershing Road 
Kansas City, MO 64108 
Ph. 816-460-2274 

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