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Pretty New in Crossroads: Pezzettino's

Pezzettino's Italian Market and Deli 

is as a good place for gifts of all gourmet kinds, among other attributes.  So Portly Companion and I ate dinner there last night -- we were going for light and ate more than we intended.  Whatta surprise.
More surprising was the fact we each had only one glass of wine -- and their wine prices are lovely (a.k.a. very inexpensive).This is a charming not-huge place and one that others have learned to frequent -- in fact the Mayor was there with a large table celebrating someone's birthday.  I'm compelled to add that when they sang, I was glad the song is so short.

But they were having a good time, as were we, sitting at the bar.

I began with an arancini ball, which is  just risotto fried up, in this case to be light and fluffy.  This came with a marinara sauce that was quite good.  I had the broiled veggies and chicken (2 dishes) that paired well together and were more than enough.  Bill had a prosciutto panini with fig jam, whipped taleggio and arugula which he would have liked piled a bit higher, but at least it fit in with our eating a lighter meal.  His pasta "salad" side was excellent.

We blew our lean philosophy with the cannoli, however.  That had the lightest crust/wrapping/roll-about/whatever you want to call it, than I've had in a long, long time.  In fact, I thought it might be fried, even though it wasn't greasy, it was so crisp/tender but I was assured it was properly baked.  Good creamy filling, obviously home-made.

We're going back to get a combo piatti del salumi and piatti del formaggio with that second glass of wine.  Their meats and cheeses in the case looked great, I'm sure a plateful of them with warm bread would be perfect on a winter night.

2101 Broadway Blvd. 
Kansas City, MO 64108 
Ph. 816-612-8333 

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