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Quite Remarkable - 801 Group

And so I feel compelled to remark. The other night the Kansas City Restaurant Guide did one of its “Dine Arounds.” This is an innovative approach to showing Kansas City’s front line – hotel staff – what some of the best K.C. restaurants serve. The purpose: so people like concierges, event planners, front desk staff, even cab managers, can actually know and experience the restaurants around town. Then, when they are asked for recommendations, as they so frequently are, they will actually be able to say they’ve been there and what kind of experience they had.

 I’ve been to all three restaurants (801 Fish, Pig and Finch Gastropub, and 801 Chophouse [downtown also] at Park Place in Leawood) in the 801 Restaurant Group before and was so happy to see that my pleasure-filled dinners were replicated for our group – though I can tell you I’ve never tried THAT many delish dishes at one time. 

I cannot remark upon all the food we ate – too long a list but I will mention the stand-outs, at least to me. Most surprising: the fried pickles (which I’ve never liked before!) with buttermilk ranch dressing; the Maytag blue cheese potato chips (which, sadly, I always usually like), the smoked salmon and crème fraîche, and the short rib mac & cheese all at Pig and Finch. Next, at 801 Chophouse, I was especially thrilled by the perfect shrimp, the prime KC strip, the Duroc pork chop, the creamed fresh corn, and the grilled asparagus. Oh, yes, the cheesecake was too yummy. We finished at 801 Fish with an artful display of chubby oysters (and they’re only a dollar each for happy hour), Pacific Hamachi, a beautiful branzino, and just when we were sure we could not eat one more bite, the salty caramel ice cream was a sweet finish. What a night!

You may already know that the 801 Group hails from Des Moines and they have only eight (extremely high quality if the three I know are an indication) restaurants, all in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. You may not know this: all three have their own pastry chef which definitely is a huge plus; 801 Chophouse is the only steak house in KC that serves all prime beef; their only fish restaurant is the one in Leawood; AND although I’m still not sure of the definition of gastro pub, I now know the reason it’s so good – it’s part of the remarkable 801 Restaurant Group.

Pig & Finch
 11570 Ash Street
 Leawood, KS 66211
 Ph. (913) 322-7444
Pig & Finch on Urbanspoon

801 Chophouse
11616 Ash Street
 Leawood, KS 66211
 Ph. 913-322-1801

801 FISH
11615 Rosewood
Leawood, KS 66211
Ph. (913) 322-3474

801 Chophouse on Urbanspoon

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