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Baked in KC - New(ish) Restaurant in Westport

Baked in Kansas City is a quite good place for brunch!

But the first thing any place serving breakfast or a facsimile thereof is that when you sit down, or maybe 15 seconds later, the waitress should show up with the menu AND the coffee pot. The cups and cream should somehow also miraculously be there. And that cup should never go empty until I am in my happy buzz land.

Now that may be asking too much: I've brilliantly discovered that very few places are able to manage this trick. But when they do, I am immediately impressed.

Baked is an interesting combo place -- it's a very good bakery, very good, a "patisserie featuring exceptional French pastries," they say. It's also a deli, a lounge with all that normally means, and a grill with dinner choices . . . pretty much all you need. It is especially great that they open at 7 a.m. all the days they are open (which just excludes Mondays).

I have had lunch there also which was also really good: kale salad with pancetta just because I like mixing the current/too trendy/ healthy with not.

But again, brunch. Most of the lunch menu is, it seems like, on the brunch menu, other than pizza, so it's quite extensive. You can get soup and salad or cream cheese filled French toast or prime rib hash or a salmon BLT, or a sausage baguette, or . . . you get the idea. Lots of choices; lots of good tasting food. The Eggs Benedict had an excellent homemade hollandaise, but they (someone) did not manage to toast my English muffin first as I'd asked. Oh well. Everything else was done right.

Baked is a convenient Westport restaurant -- you don't really have to go INTO Westport as it's on the far west side at 706 Westport Road between Belleview and Pennsylvania and there is usually parking to be had on the street right by it. Long green awning in front of it. It used to be Napoleon Bakery (twice) and is owned by Frank Sebree who also owns the Majestic downtown, explaining why Baked also serves a burger whose meat is the same as what is served there (BTW, YUM).

Baked is high on my I'mgoingback scale. Maybe for dinner. If you've tried it, tell me what you think and also what you had so I can put it on my here'swhatI'meating list.

706 Westport Road
Kansas City, MO 64111
Ph. (816) 561-BAKE

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