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801 FISH and skip the fish

No. Don't really skip the fish! Everything I've had at 801 Fish is scrumptious. Including the beef. But more on that in a different blog. 

But if you're looking for a soothing place to finish your night out and want something scrumptious, try 801 Fish in Leawood's Park Place. First, the atmosphere is terrific there and later in the evening, it hasn't been crowded. We like to sit at bars (oh, you've noticed?) and this one is slickly cool and the bartenders always accommodating and friendly. I especially like the fact they give opinions and do not reply with that highly irritating response, "Oh, everything is great here." Come on, buddy, you work here, help me out. 

Second, the desserts. No matter what you like, all here (I've tried 5 so far) are excellent. They have their own dessert maestro in the house, Chef Megan Fatseas, who is doing a remarkable job. Always seasonal, desserts currently include creatives like peach frangipane and compressed melon and rosemary lemon bars with blueberry coulis and ohsomuch more! 

Third, go with the wine pairings for the dessert. They won't be what you might choose otherwise, and they are uniformly just perfect.


11615 Rosewood
Leawood, KS 66211
Ph. (913) 322-3474

If you go, especially for dessert - no matter if it's late or not - tell them Chris sent you.

They'll look at you blankly and shrug, but . . . 
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