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This blog isn’t exactly about eating, though it’s related.  Over the holidays I wanted to write about Pryde’s, the kitchenware (and more!) store in Westport that’s been there forever.   Well, for at least 46 years.  It’s locally owned and has been since John and Connie Perucca established it just down the street from where it is now.   The three story brick building is now owned and run by one of their daughters, Louise Meyers.

I’d originally wandered in there to find gifts for my book club.  After 32 years of Christmas gift-giving, sometimes it’s a little hard to find something new, fun, and different.  I did succeed.  In the process, I was reminded of all the wonderful items, and the variety of said items, they sell.  Then, just recently, I saw my nephew and his beautiful bride to be (at a great family celebration in Grand Street CafĂ©’s Board Room where we all had excellent meals) and so I asked Ginger where they were registered.  She said they hadn’t done that yet.  What, I exclaimed, you need to get moving.  Go to Pryde’s, they have everything I said.  She said, Ok, ok, whatever you say.  She’s pretty mellow; I like that in a bride to be who’s joining our family. 

So I was talking to Louise (full disclosure, she’s a fellow Dame in Les Dames d’Escoffier with me) and I asked her about their registry and what makes it different from say, one of the big boxier stores that also have registries.  And while I don’t want this to sound like a commercial, what she said really resonated with me, thinking back to when I didn’t have a clue.  She pointed out that the staff there are all seasoned cooks, and that they actually walk around with the bride/groom and make practical suggestions and recommendations.  For instance, everyone needs a 5 ½ quart Le Creuset round French oven, a 3 quart saucepan, a 10 inch chef’s knife, and a large jellyroll pan (for cookies or roast vegetables).  I had to agree with her, since I now cook and thus have a clue.  Pryde’s has mastered the personal touch from start to finish – including complimentary gift wrapping (no matter the price) and free delivery.  So, so nice.

Moving from new brides to me, me, me (and why else a blog?) and food, what I also really like there is the large variety of jarred foods and mixes, from spices to jams to salsas to fresh bread sometimes, too.  It’s all been taste-verified at one time or another.  And, of course, on Fridays/Saturdays I go downstairs to the Upper Crust bakery which offers cookies, bars, breads and scrumptious pies. I somehow missed  National Pie Day on January 12th, so I need to make up for that soon. 

Maybe I’ll do a full scale best-pie search, just to add a few needed pounds.  Ha! 

115 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO 64111
Located in Historic Westport
(816) 531-5588


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