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Saturday's Class January 11, 2014, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Chef Judith Fertig

Secrets of Artisan Breads--Hands-On

Learn 3 of the artisan bread baker's secrets in this hands-on class. We'll start with a slow-rise, no-knead dough that we'll make in class. Slow-rise dough’s make a slightly tangy, sourdough-like bread with a honeycomb crumb. Then we'll see what a difference a cloche makes--a ceramic "bell" that fits over a round loaf as it bakes. The cloche simulates a European bread oven and promotes a crisp crust. Bring a bowl, a wooden spoon or a Danish dough whisk, and a 8-inch square pan to take your baby Boule home to bake. We'll sample slow-rise, no-knead breads--Classic Boule, Garlic and Herb, and Lebanese Flatbread--you can make with one master recipe--and go home happy on a cold winter day! $55.00 per person Emile Henry Bread Cloche will be available for 20% off with purchase of this class Call (816)554-3755

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