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Pachamama's Halloween Supper Club

Halloween Supper Club

$50 per person (before tax & gratuity)

Call 785.841.0990 to make your reservation
Join us this Halloween at 6:30pm for the dinner of this lifetime.

Tucked away in the Star Bar's Blue Room dungeon, lit only by candlelight, and surrounded by the ghoulish terrors of the past, diners will gaze on the sustenance with shock and awe.

Feast upon the creations from the Mad Chefs, surrounded by other costumed revelers, and celebrate the convergence of the living and the dead.
Costumes are not required, but they are highly recommended.

Please call the restaurant at 785.841.0990 to make your reservations.
Halloween Supper Club Menu

The Lull

Trick or Treat Bags of Sweet and Savory Bites

The Feeding

Caldron from the Black Lagoon
 Moonless Night Noodles,
Pumpkin Butter Brodo, Crackling Roots  

The Fattening

Dr. Frankenstein’s Beast
Roasted Joints from the Beasts, Hewn,
and exhibited with other Nutriments

The Gorging
Sir Tovar-Ballagh's concoction


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