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Tofu is created by coagulating soy milk and pressing the curds into blocks. That's why sometimes it can be referred to by its literal description: bean curd. Soy sauce, soy milk and tofu are all products of the same bean. Soy milk is often curdled using the mineral gypsum, which confers upon it a high level of dietary calcium. Besides calcium, tofu is high in protein while also being low in both calories and fat.

While in many Western applications tofu serves as a healthy alternative to meat, Chinese cooking focuses on tofu as a main ingredient. At Bo Lings virtually all the tofu we serve is medium-firmness. The only exception is our home-made sweet tofu served during Dim Sum on Saturdays and Sundays. This delectable dessert, served with homemade ginger syrup, is a wonderfully light, not-too-sweet finishing touch to a delicious brunch.

As for dinner, try our traditional Ma Po Tofu (with pork or made vegetarian) or our popular Tofu Family Style. They have different textures and different tastes and are nice for a break from the staple Fried Rice and General Tso's Chicken. Take a look through the menu, however, and you'll find tofu in a few more dishes than maybe you realize!

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