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Pairing Wine & Beer with Pizza

Some of the basic characteristics of pizza include saltiness, high acidity (from the tomato sauce) and cheese and oil. My favorite pairings with acidic foods are lightly acidic beers. The combination of acids makes the whole seem less acidic. As with any food pairing, a person’s particular tastes will come into effect, but generally, if a person likes a particular pizza, the beer and wine suggestions should complement their tastes.

Pairing Pizza with Wine

PizzaSuggested Red Wine Suggested White Wine
Pepperoni Pinot Noir, SangioveseSauvignon Blanc,
CheeseCabernet Franc, Beaujolais,
Chianti, Sangiovese
Pinot Gris, Riesling,
VegetarianPinot Noir,  ChiantiSauvignon Blanc
NeapolitanSangiovese, ValpolicellaSauvignon Blanc
SeafoodSyrah, Pinot NoirChardonnay
Sausage, Mushroom
and Onion
 Cabernet Sauvignon, SyrahChardonnay

Pairing Pizza with Beer

PizzaSuggested Beer
Italian Sausage PizzaBlonde Ale
PepperoniLight Lager
Onion, Olive, Mushroom and PeppersPale Ale
Spinach and BroccoliScotch Ale
Feta CheeseWheat Beer
Bacon and PineapplePorter or Stout
Eggplant with Parmesan CheesePale Ale or Amber Ale

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