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Belgian Endive

Belgian Endive

Easy to wash and no need to peel…What other vegetable is so practical?  That is the advantage of Belgian endives, ready to consume in a few seconds.  Enjoy it during winter months, even though it can be found year-round.  New varieties are not bitter as long as they are stored properly.
Find the best ones

    Endive is a variation of the winter leaf vegetable chicory which can be cooked or used in salads, created by growing chicory  until its foliage sprouts, then cutting off the leaves and placing the still-living stem and root in a dark place. They grow a second bud, but without the sunlight it is white and lacks the bitterness of the normal chicory bud. Choose white ones without spots and with curled pale yellow leaves.
Easy to taste it

   Cut the end off and remove any browned leaves.  Except for in soups, avoid cooking in boiling water.  Steaming retains its best qualities.
Yummy ideas
   Using the entire leaf makes for a beautiful appetizer presentation. Add a dollop of boursin cheese, smoked trout, or salmon tartare.
  Pan sear endives in butter, wrap them with prosciutto, add bechamel sauce and gruy√®re on top. Finish off in the oven.

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