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are also available at each location

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Em Chamas

Oh My God. This was my first Brazilian restaurant experience. The food was perfect. The service was out of this world. I had to keep flipping the card back and forth. Since it was my birthday, they gave me a complimentary dessert which was also excellent. I will go back there again. Yumm Yumm Yumm

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gift Certificates

2 Free tickets to the Kansas City Ballet's annual production of the Nutcraker!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Webster House

A truly wonderful experience a 'round. The antique/boutique shopping made me wish I'd come earlier in the afternoon. But our first stop was the delightful Happy Hour, where they not only have wonderful small plates but on Wednesdays you can purchase a bottle of wine for half-price. A perfect start! We enjoyed the Happy Hour and then settled into the beautiful dining room to be delighted by excellent service, a meal that was perfectly prepared and seasoned, and an elegant atmosphere for relaxing conversation. Will defintely return and bring more friends. More information

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maker's Mark

We came to KC for Jazz in the Woods. As we are both Makers Mark Ambassadors we decided to make a special stop at the restaurant before our three hour drive home on Sunday. We arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon. We were pleasantly surprised when our server, Mariah, informed us there would be blues music played later in the evening. So, we decided to hang around. The service was excellent! The food was excellent! The blues was excellent! We loved the Sushi Nachos appetizer we ordered with Ahi Tuna. I really hadn't thought much about the word "Sushi" in the title, but loved it after the first bite. And the Mini hamburgers were just right! After several drinks and splitting an expertly prepared 14 oz steak, that was scrumptious, we will make this a stop much more often when we visit KC! We didn't leave the restaurant until 7 PM and loved every minute! "

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

M&S Grille

On Friday, September 26th I took my husband whom had never been there before to the restaurant for his birthday to have a late lunch. I had been to the M&S location in Baltimore on the Harbor a number of times when I lived there and absolutely loved it but had never been to the one on the Plaza. I must say that the setting, location, and level of service was as always impressive, and expected by me; however, my husband is more of a meat and potatoes guy and was a little apprehensive. However, due to the ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT service that we were provided by our waiter that afternoon (whose name I wish I had because he was the best I've come across yet), along with the very delicious and mouth-watering food that we tasted, we both left the restaurant that afternoon very pleased and just impressed with the service. I would definitely recommend the Plaza location to anyone looking for a great restaurant with great food, ambiance, and service. "

Monday, August 10, 2009

Em Chamas

Great dining experience that is interactive, and talking with all of the servers was awesome! Price was a little high, but for the value, it was well worth it for an anniversary!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thai Place

I had been planning to take my husband to Thai Place for the last year. We've moved to town two summers ago from the Bay Area I went for the first time with colleagues on a recruiting trip.I loved the atmostphere, and thought the food was excellent. When I asked him what he wanted for Father's Day, he said Chinese, and I said, "How about Thai? At first, the idea seemed inspired Seven p.m. on a Father's Day Sunday in Westport -- no lines, no wait, parking in front of the restaurant, and almost no families. The interior is exquisite, and during the day, sunlight comes in through big, inviting windows. The menus are elegant. The wine list is extensive and written by an expert. The list of beers on tap is impressive.

My husand and son disdained my carefully researched suggestions for the chef's favorites, and stuck with their Thai favorities. The chicken satay was tender and ample, but the peanut sauce was runny and the favors bland. The pork and chicken with white pepper and garlic were disappointing. The chicken was moist, but the pork was on a the dry side. Much of the flavor of the dish was concentrated in the scallions and cabbage underneath the meat; the part of the dish carnivores often fail to find. The duck I ordered was heavy and a bit salty. The worst part was that unlike Thai restaurants elsewhere, the portions were huge, with prices to match. This made it harder to order multiple dishes; if your initial choices don't work, it is difficult to justify a search for different flavors.

Monday, May 18, 2009

One 80

Since both myself and my wife work in the downtown area we often try to meet for lunches and are always looking for new places. While out looking for Brunches for Mother's day I saw a restaurant I hadn't seen before in westport called One80 across from McCoys. It looked like a menu we would both enjoy. We had a excellent lunch my wife had the flatbread and soup and I had soup and half a sandwich. The service was great and quick, which is always a plus for lunch. The place was smaller but very well decorated and very comfortable. Both our entrees were excellent and we are definitely putting it on our short list of favorite places for lunch around town. I would highly recommend to anyone and already have to other coworkers and friends.
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It’s very unusual, to find a kids’ soccer team made up of many boys with international backgrounds, right in the heart of suburban Overland Park, Kansas! But the draw of “Les Bleus” (The Blues) starts with their outstanding coach, Laurent Denis.

Laurent was born in France, and since he was a boy, he has loved soccer. In his youth, he was an enthusiastic team member of “Les Coqs Rouges” (The Red Roosters), a city football (soccer) club, and played until he was 18.

Laurent moved to America in 1995 to start his own business. (He and his wife Kathy own the magazine and website Restaurant Guide of Kansas City.) At the same time, he began teaching young children to play soccer. He earned his Advanced Regional Diploma in coaching and the NSCAA National Diploma. Since then, Laurent has been coaching some of the best youngsters at the soccer “rush.”

“Les Bleus were finalists in our first tournament in Topeka, and won our division at Heartland Soccer (http://www.heartlandsoccer.net/), undefeated!” this coach reports. “It was our first time playing competitive soccer, and we were able to move to a higher level of competition. It’s still all about having fun!”

Laurent has served as Director of Johnson County Park & Recreational Academy, and is currently coaching his premier teams of U10 boys. For him, coaching has never been a job, but a passion.

“My goal is to instruct, provide and increase coaching knowledge, in order to maximize the development of our youth soccer football players,” he says. “I want to create a great atmosphere for parents and kids. What we have is a big family. My kids and I play the same way. Next season, I will join the FC Porto Club. We will combine the international soccer team for guys like me with the U10 boys’ team next season.”

To read more about Laurent and the team, see his blog: www.kansascitysoccer.blogspot.com

Monday, May 4, 2009

Smokehouse BBQ

My son had the sliced meat platter with turkey and pork; both excellent. He shared a bit of the turkey with me. I ordered burnt ends and they were a bit dry, even with extra sauce. The waiter was outstanding and the restaurant clean. I would say the beans were outstanding and I took some home to share and had staunch "bean haters" tell me that these were worth the whole meal and they'd only eat the beans from this restaurant. Our appetizer was hot and the desserts were definitely worth saving room too. Although rich, we shared one and took the other home for later. Definitely worth going back for another visit.
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Pierpont's bar menu has many tasty offerings at unbeatable lunch prices. The calamari is a generous and well prepared selection. I was happy to see this on the bar menu. The Philly sandwich on the regular menu is a great lunch addition. I have had this twice and it was very good both times. Pierpont's is a great place for lunch. The service is fast, the prices are reasonable and the food is always top notch. It is great to be able to go to such a nice restaurant for lunch, get great service and pay the same or even less than what you would pay at a 'lesser' restuarant or even some cafeteria or fast food establishments.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Extra Virgin

Our Recent dine around was a huge and very tasty success! We started our evening at the fabulous new Extra Virgin. If you have not had the privilege to dine here, I highly recommend it! Chef Michael Smith has done it again! He has implemented an extraordinary place with innovative menu items, fabulously comfortable ambiance and a superb staff! Extra Virgin offers an interesting selection of Mediterranean tapas unlike anything you have tried before! The exciting flavors take you on your own culinary journey through Spain, Italy and beyond. The tapas are designed to share and they are so extraordinary that you will want to try several!! I am a huge sangria fan and theirs is some of the best I have ever tasted and the perfect complement to this incredible meal. You will also want to try a wine selection from their large award winning wine list. This is a place you will want to come back to again and again!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Visiting Tom Fooleries on Valentines Day was certainly a great experience. Usually we have appetizers and sandwiches ... that night we asked the waitress what her selection might be. She recommended the KC Strip Steak ... and, her recommendation was correct. The steak was a wonderful selection - cook exactly as ordered for all of us. Mine was medium rare and was superb. It had just enough of a special sauce on top of it (ancho chili, I think) which I had not ever tasted before and it was so good. The steaks were very tender and we would classify the steak as an excellent item. Baked potatoes were cooked like they shoul dbe, fluffy and tasteful, as well as the Green Beans which were very tasteful. The four of us dine out often, but this steak was one of the best we have had in a long time. And, the price was very reasonable. Even on Valentines Day with many people dining out and being busy - our waitress, Ashley, was the best. She was always attentive to our need for water and drinks and pleasant conversation. We definitely will be going back to Tom Fooleries in Zona Rosa for more steak dinners, as well as the other foods they offer that are excellent choices.
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Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is the new spot for Leawood. Very crowded last Saturday! More information about Zest, click here.

Monday, February 2, 2009


North's openness, noise, and seating arrangements took me on a trip down memory lane to my college days, eating in the dorm cafeteria, but with better food. I had a hard time talking to the person across the table from me, who I wanted to hear, but had no problem at all hearing the person right next to me or behind me who I did not come with and surely didn't want to hear talk about their day. I had the Not Your Typical Chicken Lasagna which was a good name for it, since it wasn't like Lasagna at all. No noddles in the dish so to describe it was more like a chicken pot pie without the pie crust. Don't get me wrong, I like chicken pot pie, and I liked the dish, but the closest this got to Lasagna was in name only. My guest had the salmon. She like it except she forgot to ask the server if it came with the skin. It did but was very easily removed. As for the service it was ok. Water was filled, attentive server. The only disappointment was when the server brought our the silverware for dessert. After putting out a nice clean dish for each of us, he proceeded to place the silverware on the table, which he had not cleaned off of crumbs from the bread crumbs that had been left by the previous loaf of bread. We had the bread pudding and it was really good. Even though the food was good, the atmosphere really took its toll on us and really brought down the experience. When we left the restaurant, we were glad to get back in the car where we could once again carry on a conversion.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brio on the Plaza

Brio is my favorite Friday night release. After a long week it is wonderful to sit at either of the bars (upstairs or down) or even on the outside deck when weather permits and enjoy a bottle of wine. The reasonably priced and delicious appetizers make it even more enjoyable. The music, the lighting, the staff make the experience feel warm and inviting. It's like you are a guest at some old mansion in Italy. Sometimes they even bring in a solo artist to sing and play guitar up by the fireplace upstairs! I only wish they had frequent guest cards, so all the money and time I have spent there could possibly grant me a free bottle of wine or something.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Bo Lings Chinese Restaurant

Attended the weekend dim sum service at Bo Lings. It was good but not as many otpions for actual dim sum as I anticipated. There were many things to pick from but you have to get a detailed explanation of each item they brought around on the carts. You definitely need to go the 1st time with an open mind and return again and only choose the things you like. Portions are large for 2 people especially if you want to try several different things. We went around 1:30p on Sun. Would probably try Sat next time. Overall we enjoyed it and would go back again.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kona Grill

I've been to Kona Grill on the Plaza three times in the past month. Every time I've walked by it I noticed the bar area was packed. So my husband and I decided it'd be worth a shot. We went on our anniversary and enjoyed it so much we took friends there twice over the holidays.

Food: We've enjoyed everything we've had there. The Sea Bass is by far our fav! It was fresh, perfectly cooked, and had just enough flavor. They also have a nice variety of sushi and sashimi for a good price.

Service: Our first experience was wonderful. We made a reservation and just had to wait about 10 minutes to be seated. Our server did an excellent jobs with menu and drink recommendations. The service for our next two visits was sub par; we ended up with the same female server both times. She just does not enjoy her job and it shows. She gave us little attention, no recommendations, and no smiles. When we go again we'll ask to avoid her section.

Happy Hour: Worth fighting the crowd! It's only severed in the bar area so if you go and want a table, get there around 4 pm. Any later and you'll be fighting with about 30+ people over the 8 small tables. They have drink specials for $3-5, discounted apps, only four discounted sushi rolls, and all pizzas are half off ($5). It's a great deal for the drinks and yummy food.

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Friday, January 2, 2009


We went for happy hour - tried the deep dish pizza, quesadilla, and queso. I will never ever go here again. I thought the food was terrible, well below average. The cheese dip was curdled and very untasty (yuck), the pizza was not very good, the quesadilla was just okay. The service was fairly poor, the waitresses boyfriend was visiting her at the time so we didn't get much attention. I wouldn't recommend this place, especially the tiny yucky happy hour appetizers - waste of time and money.


We sat in the comfy, warm "Rose Room", so named by regulars for the beautiful painting that hangs on one of its walls. We were offered prompt, friendly yet unintruding service throughout the meal.

I started it out with a hot cup of English Grey, offered to me from an enticing selection in a fine wooden box patiently held by our server while I struggled to make up my mind. My husband had a cold ice tea with a small, flavorful lemon slice. We both had the walnut and pear salad sprinkled with blue cheese and paired with a sensual chocolate based sauce. After that, I dove into a generous ribeye steak served with fluffly smashed potatoes and slightly crunchy baby asparagus. My husband tried the delicious fish n chips: three big breaded cod fillets with meaty steak fries accompanied by a large lemon wedge.

For dessert, we shared the creamy, lemony cheesecake with cups of hot, flavorful fresh coffee.

I can't wait to eat here again! More Details