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Webster House

Ever since Webster House opened, way back in 2002 when the Kauffman Center was barely a glimmer in someone’s mind, I’ve loved eating (and shopping, alas) there.  A recent evening with a large group of hospitality professionals was no exception.  The food is always exceptional: meticulously prepared, flavorful, and pretty – that night even a relatively simple dish like roasted pork loin medallions was executed with flair.  The asparagus was crisply tender, just as it should be, and the mashed sweet potatoes were plate-licking good.  Our house salad was fresh greens from Two Sisters Farm with an excellent champagne vinaigrette and of perfect size.  The petite tiramisus were the final delicious finishing touch.  The fact that my table was full of fun people (not that the others weren’t of course) made for a terrific evening.

The restaurant is always doing something new and interesting, besides serving excellent meals consistently to diners and groups of all sizes (their special rooms cater to all size groups).   And there are deals to be had as well:  on Wednesday nights, their 20/20 is really special.  This is a two-course dinner special with a featured entrĂ©e and your selection of soup (which are always killer!) or salad for only $20.  AND – they offer a selection of wines by the bottle for only $20 more.  What I’ve discovered since eating there is that you can go to their Facebook page on Wednesday and see what’s being offered. 

One reason I like this 20/20 idea is that it can get you out of your own personal dining comfort zone and allow you to try dishes and preparations you might otherwise not have chosen.  Important, too, for me sometimes is that you only have one simple decision to make, really, if you’re into minimalist that night  – soup or salad?  Oh yes, maybe another decision: which wine?  The meals have ranged from braised short rib pasta to boccalone (pork roulade) to cioppino to grilled flat-iron steak.  You never know, unless you go to Facebook (or old-fashioned questioning by telephone).  Personally, I’d have to order a dessert to split – but I’d let my companion make that decision since every one I’ve ever tried has been wonderful.

Another thing I really like here are the happy hours – but I don’t think I’m going to tell you about those because they’re too good, too reasonable, too delicious – and too many people already know about them.

That reminds me: I love the bar area here, too.  It’s cozy, comfortable, and inviting.  And the drinks are excellent.  Not to mention the caramel corn.  

Whether it’s just for drinks, for lunch, dinner, Sunday Brunch (yum!), or Wednesdays, you need to make this place a regular stop.  And if I were writing about the shopping – oh, my!
1644 Wyandotte, Kansas City, MO 64108Located just south of the Kaufmann Center for Performing Arts
816-221-4713 or online
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